New web site on Polish women

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Subject: New web site on Polish women
From: OSKA (
Date: Tue Mar 09 1999 - 05:08:31 EST

                    We are happy to announce that OSKa
         the National Women's Information Center in Poland
        has established an extensive web site devoted to news,
      information and articles on and for the women’s community.
                 The site has a concise English version
                        *** ****

OSKa on-line service includes information on OSKa projects, on
events important to women in Poland and abroad, and on-line
versions of OSKa publications. The web site informs about the
campaigns and initiatives of Polish women's organizations, about
women in culture and the media.
We hope that our site can also be a useful resource for
English-speakers to find out more about women in Poland and learn
about their concerns, situation and activities.

The English-language version of the web site is made up of three
main sections: :

# OSKa
- information about our Center, its programs and recent
- English-language summaries of the OSKa Bulletin, the first
feminist quarterly in Poland.
 # Women in Poland:
 - news from the Polish women's community
 - Polish media review
 - in-depth articles on women in Poland
# Links:
- links to Polish women on-line, organizations, as well as
Central and Eastern European web sites of interest.

The Polish site consists of:

# OSKa (information on our Center, its programs and recent
# Current events (covering the women’s community, politics,
current affairs, international news, women newsmakers)
# Culture (the OSKa library, press and media review, articles on
the Internet, movie reviews)
# OSKa informs (a guide to women's meetings, libraries, centers,
helplines, services, etc. all over Poland)
# Panorama (articles of interest on feminism, women's history,
literary criticism, law, including analyses and texts of national
and international legislation)
# The OSKa Bulletin (selected articles from OSKa’s feminist
# Internet (links to Polish and international sites of interest,
with a focus on women’s and feminist sites)

Please note that our site is still under construction; we hope to
develop and update it. If you have any questions, comments or
suggestions, please contact us at kaia@oska, or We are looking forward to your feedback! We also welcome
contributions in both Polish or English on the subject of women in Poland and in
Eastern Europe.

                OSKa - the National Women's Information Center
                        Falata 2 m. 48, 02-534 Warsaw, Poland
                tel. (48-22) 49 79 43, tel./fax (48-22) 49 51 79

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