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Subject: Beijing Plus Five
From: Jyothi Kanics (
Date: Mon Mar 01 1999 - 10:10:50 EST


In preparation for the first Beijing Plus Five Preparatory Committee
(PrepCom), to be held March 15-19, 1999, the United Nations
Division for the Advancement of Women (UN/DAW) has proposed
a framework that takes a holistic approach by examining the
interlinkages between the twelve critical areas of concern rather
than looking at each issue individually. For example, actions to
improve women's access to education will have less impact in
terms of achieving gender equality without a commitment at the
same time to address discrimination in employment. Four broad
themes that cut across the twelve critical areas of concern, and
that have emerged as issues or become more important since
1995, have been proposed as cross-cutting themes for further
action and initiative:

1. Political will and commitment to create an enabling environment
for the implementation of the PFA

This includes the elimination of discrimination; legal review and
reform to ensure equal opportunities for women; commitment to
policies targeted at women and girls; establishment of gender-
sensitive policy frameworks; and equal participation of women at
all levels and in all areas.

2. Capacity-building for advancement of women and gender

This includes capacity building specifically for women and girls;
capacity building for all actors responsible for achieving gender
equality; awareness raising and changing of attitudes; and
institutional infrastructure that supports capacity building.

3. Accountability for, and assessment of, implementation of the
strategies and actions in the PFA

This includes targets, benchmarks and a clear time frame for
implementation; gender analysis; gender-sensitive budgeting;
gender impact appraisement; sex-disaggregated data collection
and analysis; performance appraisal; improved or new reporting;
and gender-sensitive regulations, procedures or guidelines.

4. Cooperation and partnership for implementing the PFA

This includes cooperation between the public and private sectors;
international cooperation and solidarity; South-South cooperation;
partnerships with and among women's organizations;
partnerships between men and women; and fostering respect
between boys and girls.

5. Assistance to women and girls currently subject to
discrimination and disadvantage

This includes programmes for girls in need of special protection;
emergency assistance to victims of gender-based violence,
including in situations of armed conflict; and assistance to victims
of specific forms of gender discrimination and disadvantage,
including economic.

Cross-cutting Themes

1. Globalization and the economic empowerment of women,
especially power women;

2. Women, science and technology and the new information age;

3. Women's leadership; and

4. Human security and social protection.

(Excerpted from UN document E/CN.6/1999/PC/2. For more
information, go to the UN website for women at:

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