stances on prostitution

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Subject: stances on prostitution
From: agustin (
Date: Thu Feb 25 1999 - 06:36:33 EST

isn't it crystal-clear that there isn't 'a stance' on prostitution on this
list? i have no idea how many are on it or who they are but there is a
great range of opinions.
was that or not the idea of the list-creators? should those of one opinion
or another leave?

for a long time i didn't understand that the list was interactive, i just
saw the articles sent by the list-owners, and those articles often to me
seem 'slanted'. there's no problem with this if everyone can send anything
they want.

it turns out that it is interactive, but with a moderator. without a
moderator, people would just talk and send whatever they want. as soon as
there's a person making judgements about what goes to the list, for
whatever reason, there can *appear* to be 'censorship'.

but if the list 'belongs' to an organisation then they can moderate it if
they want. do i understand the issue more or less clearly? because i don't
think we should be arguing about censorship if so.

laura agustin

>I would like to see some clarification as to this list stance on
>prostitiution. I have yet to see any positives posts to this list, that
>would make me suggest to a friend that a job in prostitution is the way to
>get a head. Nor do I see any prostitutes at "career day" at any of the
>schools I have spoken to. Can I get clarification on what is good about
>prostitution. I know about 3000 prostitutes that are dying to know.
>I suggest sending letters supporting the ban on the dehumanization of
>DeWayne Brown
>CROSSROADS Outreach Services
>Edmonton, Alberta
>> Date: Mon, 22 Feb 1999 09:47:23 -0600
>> From: Lacey Sloan <lsloan@UH.EDU>
>> To: stop-traffic@SOLAR.RTD.UTK.EDU
>> Subject: Re: Campaign Against Legalization of Prostitution
>> Message-ID: <l03110706b2f72c19f67f@[]>
>> Got the following with great confusion....Haven't we clarified several
>> times on this list that we do not see prostitution as exploitation in and
>> of itself...Only in forced, fraudulent and coerced situations?
>> There, the very first sentence is contradictory to the purposes of this
>> list. I say, send letters in opposition to the ban on legalization.
>> Lacey Sloan


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