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Subject: Re: STOP-TRAFFIC digest 155
From: Erato (
Date: Wed Feb 24 1999 - 12:00:16 EST

The sex industry is a diverse employment sector. Large numbers of people
(women and men) are employed by the sex industry worldwide as dancers,
escorts, drivers, masseuses, receptionists, managers, cleaners,
photographers, writers, etc. Many people operate successful businesses
worldwide which provide gainful employment to these workers. Many
customers receive the services they require and leave with happy smiles
on their faces. Most businesses and sex industry workers are happy to
provide these services.

The main problem for the sex industry is the law. Police corruption.
Long goal sentences. Children left without parents because mum or dad is

Sex work enabled me to leave poverty and pursue an education. Sex work
enabled me to provide pleasurable services to clients who really
appreciated my efforts and paid me well for doing so. I believe that I
shoulf be free to travel and offer my services in other countries should
I see fit. I would go to a school and say that. I know people who have
given such talks. Are you planning something in Edmonton? I'd be happy
to come to your school.

I reiterate Lacey's suggestion. Send letters in opposition to the ban on



DeWayne Brown wrote:
> I would like to see some clarification as to this list stance on
> prostitiution. I have yet to see any positives posts to this list, that
> would make me suggest to a friend that a job in prostitution is the way to
> get a head. Nor do I see any prostitutes at "career day" at any of the
> schools I have spoken to. Can I get clarification on what is good about
> prostitution. I know about 3000 prostitutes that are dying to know.
> I suggest sending letters supporting the ban on the dehumanization of
> prostitution.
> DeWayne Brown
> CROSSROADS Outreach Services
> Edmonton, Alberta
> ----------
> > Date: Mon, 22 Feb 1999 09:47:23 -0600
> > From: Lacey Sloan <lsloan@UH.EDU>
> > To: stop-traffic@SOLAR.RTD.UTK.EDU
> > Subject: Re: Campaign Against Legalization of Prostitution
> > Message-ID: <l03110706b2f72c19f67f@[]>
> >
> > Got the following with great confusion....Haven't we clarified several
> > times on this list that we do not see prostitution as exploitation in and
> > of itself...Only in forced, fraudulent and coerced situations?
> > There, the very first sentence is contradictory to the purposes of this
> > list. I say, send letters in opposition to the ban on legalization.
> >
> > Lacey Sloan

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