Re: Brothel legalization-Trafficking prevention

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Subject: Re: Brothel legalization-Trafficking prevention
From: Sue Metzenrath (
Date: Tue Feb 02 1999 - 19:11:48 EST

Hi Jan:

Currently in Australia we are in the process of having legislation drafted
re- the issue of "sex slavery" Read "illegal workers in the sex industry".
 Of course the sex worker rights movement is running the line that most of
these women knowingly enter into contracts to work as sex workers in
AUstralia and we are suggesting that the govt. should allow for short term
working visas for these workers. Currently does anything like that happen
in the Netherlands?? I thought that I had recently heard that foreign
(illegal) sex workers were given the option of staying on short term
working visas or returning to their own countries?? Can you clarify this
for me please if you know.

Sue Metzenrath

> From: Jan Visser <>
> To: Multiple recipients of list <stop-traffic@SOLAR.RTD.UTK.EDU>
> Subject: Re: Brothel legalization-Trafficking prevention
> Date: Wednesday, 3 February 1999 01:36
> Hi Carol,
> The article from the Associated Press is reasonably correct.
> At our website you will find a piece I wrote on the legalisation proces,
> will find it at <> and than look under the heading
> 'prostitution in the netherlands'. There I give the wording of the law
> proposal and explain the motives. What happened last week was the debate
> the house of representatives. It became clear that a large majority
> this legalisation of the exploitation of voluntary prostitution (at the
> time the penalties against force, violence and trafficking are
> Off course there are a lot of question marks, and yours truly is given
> assignment by the ministry of justice to do a 4 year monitoring and
> evaluation study, which we called De Profeit Studie.
> Among the issues are:
> the legal position of women from outside the European Union, they will
> get the option for a working permit, that will bring about massive
> and hidden prostitution,
> the nature of labour contracts, can prostitutes be employers or will they
> definition be self-employed?,
> the juridical competence of local government to design licenses including
> issues like working conditions, safety, sanitary measures,
> the way in which prostitutes will be integrated in the social welfare
> with regard to for instance unemployment benefits, sick pay, pension
> schemes.
> Next week the house of representatives will vote, then the bill will go
> the senate, which might discuss it in the spring. The foreseen entry date
> january 1, 2000.
> If you have questions, please ask.
> Love,
> Jan Visser
> Mr A. de Graaf Stichting, Amsterdam
> <> or
> <>

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