USA: INS Asylum Guidelines for Children

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Subject: USA: INS Asylum Guidelines for Children
From: Jyothi Kanics (
Date: Fri Jan 22 1999 - 14:29:18 EST

I know that many on the List work on children's issues and may find this
information important for your work. See contact information at end of piece
for further information. -- List Facilatator


The Forced Migration Projects (FMP) and the Emma Lazarus Fund on January 19
co-sponsored the second in a series of meetings on migrant and refugee
children. The meeting focused on the new "Guidelines for Children's Asylum
Claims," issued by the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) on Human
Rights Day, December 10, 1998. The Children's Guidelines represent an effort
to achieve child-sensitive consideration of children's asylum claims in the
United States. However, participants stressed the need for proper
implementation of new procedures. Speakers at the meeting included Michael
J. Creppy, Chief Immigration Judge at the Executive Office for Immigration
Review, Paul W. Virtue, General Counsel of the INS, and Jeffrey L. Weiss,
Director of the International Affairs Division of the INS. They described
their respective efforts to see the guidelines implemented in all phases of
the asylum process, from the initial interview by asylum officers to the
review of individual cases in the immigration court. The speakers noted the
need for legal representation, and the presence of a trusted adult during
proceedings. Two follow-up meetings are being considered, one with family
law experts on systemic issues, and another on the international dimensions
of children's rights, with a focus on the widespread phenomenon of child

For more information contact:
     The Forced Migration Projects
     400 West 59th Street, 4th floor
     New York, NY 10019
     tel: (212)548-0655
     fax: (212) 548-4676

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