ELECTRONIC RESOURCES: discussion list on Cairo+5

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Subject: ELECTRONIC RESOURCES: discussion list on Cairo+5
From: Qweb (Qweb@kvinnoforum.se)
Date: Thu Jan 21 1999 - 10:04:56 EST

Dear Friends and Colleagues,
As part of our special focus on the review of the International Conference
on Population and Development in Cairo' 94, (ICPD+5) we are now launching an
electronic discussion forum in the form of an e-mail list. The list is open
for discussion of ICPD+5 issues with special focus on sexual and
reproductive health and rights and will be running upuntil the NGO Forum in
the Hague on February 6-7. The purpose of the list is to provide an
opportunity to discuss and give input to the ICPD+5 process, to the many
organisations and individuals who are unable to participate at the NGO
Forum. (Others are of course also welcome to join.) The e-mail list will be
operated manually by myself in the beginning in order to assist those who
are not already familiar with the list serv functions. Send an e-mail to
qweb@kvinnoforum.se in order to join the discussion.
More information about the list is available at:

On the list you will have the chance to communicate with several prominent
leaders of NGOs working for sexual and reproductive rights and health around
the world. We have asked the chairperson of Q Web, Professor Kajsa
Sundstrom, to open the list by sharing her views on ICPD+5. Her paper
"Abortion a reproductive health issue - what happened after Cairo?" is
available at http://www.qweb.kvinnoforum.se/icpd/icpdabortion.html)

Yours Sincerely,
Nina Strandberg
Q Web Sweden - A Women's Empowerment Base
Kvinnoforum, Kungsgatan 65
111 22 Stockholm, Sweden
Tel: +46 8 56 22 88 43
Fax: +46 8 56 22 88 50

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