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Jyothi Kanics---Global Survival Network (
Tue, 24 Nov 1998 13:27:53 -0800 (PST)

"We're So Syndicated, Ma'am"

(30 minutes video version of the theater play by Soki Paulin Ballesteros
"We're So Syndicated, Ma'am" in Filipino language with English subtitle.
The video version has also utilized the testimonies of sex trafficking
Filipino survivors.) Performed by Teatrong Walang Bakod (Theater Without

The play has earned its 50th live performance since its world premiere
launching on March 25, 1997 under the Philippine-Belgian Project Against
Trafficking in Women by the Philippine Network Against Trafficking in Women
(PNATW). It was toured extensively to various regions of the country as
preventive education tool by the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women -
Asia Pacific (CATW-AP) and to various sectoral organizations (urban poor,
trade unions, secondary school students and teachers) as part of the
preventive grassroots education by KALAYAAN (a feminist organization since
early 80s) dubbed as "KP vs. ST" (Community Action against Sex Trafficking).
The play was performed in June 1998 during the regional strategizing meeting
against global exploitation of women organized by the CATW-AP.

"We're So Syndicated, Ma'am" provides a crisp, brief, humorous, soap
operatic style taking into consideration the distinct and unique flavor of
the Filipino culture and equally sexually graphic gender dynamics of the
sex trafficking phenomenon against the backdrop of the global migration
trends and patterns.

As part of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) information
support project to NGOs and GOs (government organizations), the play will
soon be translated and dubbed into 4 local languages and in English in
50,000 VHS copies for free distribution to information agents (schools,
local government units, church, people's and civic organizations, etc.) as
preventive grassroots education/information tool against irregular
migration and sex trafficking in women migrants.

The video production is a grassroots complementary undertaking to IOM's
radio programme for potential migrant workers in the Philippines. It
produces 30-minutes drama on true-to-life testimonies of women migrant
survivors of sex trafficking abroad and followed by another 30-minutes
deepening-discussion on focus topics of sex trafficking and irregular
migration in women migrants in host/destination countries. The information
programme is a collaborative undertaking by the NGO, Philippine Network
Against Trafficking in Women (PNATW), the government migration office --
Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) and the IOM.

The play was performed by Teatrong Walang Bakod (Theater Without Borders),
a two-person puppet-performance theater group which utilizes found and
recycled objects to educate the civil society on violence in women issues,
children's rights, human rights, etc.

For more information:

Soki Paulin Ballesteros
Information, Education and Communication (IEC) Specialist
International Organization for Migration (IOM)
Sub-regional Office for East Asia and Oceania
SRO Manila Office
2nd Floor Victoria Bldg.
429 United Nations Ave.
Ermita, Manila
Tel. (632) 536-6010 up to 15
Fax (632) 521-3841

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