Mihaila Soca to be arrested ?

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Salamon Alapitvany (salamon@ns.tiszanet.hu)
Tue, 27 Oct 1998 13:27:46 +0100

Dear List,

We are now able to bring you up to date with the problems Mihaila Soca has
faced since the Transnational Conference in Budapest and AIDS98 in Geneva.

Since the conferences she has been constantly harassed and threatened with
prosecution by the Romanian police. In spite of this she has been
successfully working among migrating sex workers in Romania to ascertain
the migration routes used by Romanian sex workers to reach Turkey and

Her recent association with known sex workers during this research is now
forming the basis of a charge of "pimping" and further charges of "common
prostitution". Some of the charges relate to supposed events that allegedly
took place more than seven years ago.

Mihaila could be imprisoned on the basis of the "pimping" charge. Police
accounts allege that her contact with the known sex workers could only be
for the purpose of arranging the "pimping" of the women. Mihaila has
repeatedly stated that she has never managed the sex work of another women
or induce anyone to participate in sex work.

Mihaila has left Romania to avoid detention and will be tried in her
absence in the Criminal Court in Braila. She has retained a lawyer and has
instructed him to defend the charges.

It will be her defence that her contact with the women was for the purpose
of conducting research and she is known as someone who has contributed to a
wider understanding of sex work migration through her contact with migrant
Romanian sex workers. Such a defence if adequately demonstrated would most
likely succeed.

The lawyer needs to show that Mihaila is known for her peer work and
research in sex work migration and that other agencies are aware of her
endeavours. If your agency attended the Budapest conference or AIDS98 or
you know of Mihaila Soca through any other contact could you send a fax to:

Attorney Constantin Nicolae
Fax 00 40 39 612093

please copy to Fax 00 36 62 278314.

Please explain that Mihaila is known to your agency and that her work as a
peer worker and researcher would require her to have regular contact with
sex workers. Please also express your concern regarding the apparent
malicious nature of the prosecution.

Many thanks

John Davies

Salamon Alapitvany and Ildiko K Memorial Civil Rights Institute

Working for peace and equitable justice for all marginalised people
Seeking to include sex workers within civil society without discrimination
Believing in change through consensus not repression.

Pf.1152, Balastya 6764, Hungary. Tel/Fax +36 62 278314.
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From: "lucciole" <lucciole@iol.it> (by way of Jyothi Kanics---Global Survival Network <jkanics@igc.apc.org>)
Subject: Request for Info: seeking progressive gov't official for

I should like to know if there exist in some East or West European city a
mayor or public administrator who has activated or is planning to activate
innovative, non-abolitionist, non-repressive style regulations or policies
regarding prostitution. We are organising an international convention and
would like to invite expert rapporteurs who possess in-depth knowledge on
this phenomenon and who can provide other than typical run-of-the-mill
analysis that respects the personal dignity of the sex workers.
Greetings and Thanks,
Pia Covre

"lucciole" <lucciole@iol.it>

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