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</smaller><bold><bigger>The High Price Paid By Chinese Workers:

16 Months of Servitude

</bigger>Hagar Enosh

</bold>Translated from <italic> Ha'aretz </italic>(22.10.98)

Every one of the 1000 Chinese agricultural workers brought to Israel
with the blessing of the Employment Office is compelled to work almost
1 and a half years just to make enough money to cover the cost they
paid to come here.

This was discovered yesterday by Hanna Zohar, coordinator of Kav
La'Oved. According to Zohar each worker paid US$ 6600 for his work
permit in Israel and an additional US$ 700 for flight tickets and other
costs. In Israel the Chinese workers earn 75 NIS a day, about US$ 450
a month, " which means that they work for free for 16 months". Zohar
stated, "I was shocked when I learned about these figures. We have
received previous reports of Chinese workers paying high sums but we
never imagined that it would reach these dimensions".

Zohar related that it was very difficult to get in touch with the
workers and she was herself evicted from Moshav Hodiya when she went
there to investigate complaints. "They threaten the workers that anyone
who dares complain will be immediately deported. For them a debt of
several thousand dollars in China is equivalent to the death

The Chinese workers were brought to Israel by the AMIT personnel
company from Ashquelon. Chaim Shwartz, the owner of the company said
yesterday, "As far as I know they [the workers] only pay for the
flight. I only make 12 dollars a month per worker, US$ 250 for the two
years. As a result of Kav La'Oved's intervention I asked the manager of
the Chinese company with whom we work to come to Israel to clarify

Kav La'Oved wrote to the Minister of Labor yesterday to demand that it
immediately end this relationship with China.

Melanie Orhant


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