R: NEWS:Smugglers Throw Kids Overboard

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lucciole (lucciole@iol.it)
Tue, 13 Oct 1998 01:47:48 +0200

I'm really desolate for the condition of the refugees
whom arrive every day in Italy and I want to stress
that our governament have just did last March
a new low concerning migration very strict and the
status of refugees is recognize in a very rare case
after a very long time of the application.
Every body can go to the interland of Turin and meet a group of 100
rom gipsy from former yugoslavia waiting in the middle of the square
since several months and are not allowed to request for the refugees status.
And by the time is going many other persons part of the same group from
other southern country have been deported.
Your message say

. Interior Minister Giorgio Napolitano decried the
>episode on Saturday, saying it
>was evidence of the ``total absence of scruples'' among criminals smuggling
>the refugees for pay.

Just to day the italian police(the Minister Napolitano police) start to
confiscate the money to the prostitute in the street of Pisa the famous city
of Tuscany.
Police say this money are the profit of the illegale migration. Not matter
if the sex workers have paid or are still payng pimps to come to Italy.
We will make a interpellation to the Minister in parliament to know if he
believe that is "total absence of scruples" to fight against the women
rather than the trafficants.

>Italy is just across the Adriatic from Yugoslavia, where a government
>offensive against ethnic
>Albanian separatists in Kosovo has sent hundreds of refugees fleeing.
>is in southern
>Serbia, one of Yugoslavia's two republics.

And maybe tomorrow the NATO will attach the Serbia.
Do any body think we will have less refuges or less prostitutes in our

Pia Covre
Comitato per i Diritti Civili delle Prostitute

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