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Jyothi Kanics---Global Survival Network (
Mon, 12 Oct 1998 14:14:23 -0700 (PDT)

Dear Victoria and list members,

I would like to respond to Victoria's concerns in her recent message to the

>the group. I see that one of his replies to me (a message I sent to him
>and then the list four days ago) HAS been posted, while my initial
>message has NOT been posted, which will certainly be confusing for list

I apologize for this confusion, and hope you understand the delays that
happen with a facilitated list (Also, in this case, I don't see a delay
since in the past four days since your posting, 2 days have been weekend
days and today is a holiday for us!).

I understand your urgency to get your views across to list members and also
your need for dialogue to be shown as an exchange.

>have been lost? If a list member responds to others' critiques, but his
>or her responses are not posted, then civility wanes: critique can
>degenerate to criticism, which can then degenerates to personal attack.

I would like to know whether Carol or others on the list consider the
attitude behind your suggestion of a "nazi pimp pride march" as a personal
attack. To me, while I don't find your comments malicious, I am concerned
that this kind of rhetoric is inappropriate, confusing and possibly
alienating to some list members. As an open list, STOP TRAFFIC has
membership in many countries and I am also concerned that a "nazi" metaphor
would perplex and, in fact, insult some list members. Therefore, I choose to
hold that message until I could consult with colleagues who are taking today
as a holiday.

I sincerely apologize if you feel that the dialogue has been sabotaged (it's
a bit hard to manage when the dialogue is developing on and off list!).
However, I know that in the past when list members have begun to discuss
issues relating to sex worker advocacy, some members of the list have been
lost in the discussion (and a few have unsubscribed) and I would like to do
what I can to make this topic (which is very new to many people on the list)
accessible and comprehensible. I also agree with you that I do not want to
see the dialogue (on or off list) degenerate into personal attacks.

>now, an unattainable goal. I'm going to re-send my recent posts, read
>what is there, and continue corresponding off-list with other members
>who are so inclined. I'm sending this message now so that my ceasing to

One of the messages you resent had already been posted and I am posting the
others to the list now. I think that it is best to discuss strategies and
possibilities for cooperation on the list, and to take more detailed,
personal discussion off the list.
I know that the issues you are all discussing are very important to the list
and that you are raising questions & debates which will help us all to
better define our own positions. I also hope that this discussion will allow
us to find common ground for building collaborative approaches that will
reduce human trafficking and associated human rights abuses. Thank you for
your continued participation on the list and again, please forgive the
delays in dialogue!

I look forward to your feedback and continued discussions.

Best wishes,


Jyothi Kanics
Co-Director, Human Trafficking Program
Global Survival Network
tel: 202.387.0032
STOP TRAFFIC List Facilitator

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