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erato (
Thu, 08 Oct 1998 13:17:42 -0400

Dear Victoria,

I have personally worked in businesses managed by good people, I have
worked in good businesses managed by bad people and bad businesses
managed by good people. I believe John's assessment to be quite
balanced. I do not know anything about his employment history, nor do I
necessarily want to know, but it seems to me from his posts that he has
met and spoken with many facets of the industry. Workers, business
owners, the good and the bad. While I agree that it is preferable to
speak to the workers themselves about their situations, others can
provide perspectives that are useful. Just because one says "I was a
Prostitute" this does not inevitably give one the ability to assess all
aspects of the industry in a rational way.



Victoria Marinelli wrote:
> John Davies writes:
> "...I have met sex work managers who were very exploitative and abusive,
> I have met others who have been very supportive and generous. "
> VM replies: Pimps are generally on their best behavior for those to whom
> they most need to appeal, or at the very least, appear benign. Unless
> Mr. Davies has personally been "managed" by such a "sex work manager",
> I'm afraid the assessment is not all that credible.
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Hi all,

I agree with Davies on the pimp issue, and since this list clearly
distinguishes between forced and voluntary prostitution, the following
statement by VM feels not only inappropriate, but very offensive:

> Unfortunately neither decriminalization nor
>labor laws satisfactorily address the harms inflicted by systematized
>sexual abuse, aka prostitution.

As someone who has worked for over 15 years in Rape Crisis Centers and is
currently the president of a state anti-rape coalition, to say that
prostitution is sexual abuse (ie, that prostitutes are all inherently
victims of sexual abuse) minimizes the experience of women who are actually
sexually abused. Just like some women voluntarily have free sex, some
women voluntarily have paid say that all women who have sex are
being sexually abused is just plain offensive to me.

Lacey Sloan

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