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Carol Leigh (
Wed, 7 Oct 1998 18:48:09 -0800

Ms. Marinelli writes:

         Concerning Rand -- she has not only been referred to as a
>pimp, she has referred to herself as a pimp, frequently and with pride.

If I call myself a queer or a fag because I am homosexual, the terms are
still insulting and a form of attack when used by someone who is targeting
me in a negative way. The same is true for other terms that have negative
implications that have been used against various people.

The problem I have with the way the term pimp is used is that in it's most
negative sense, some use it to refer to abusive people who abuse
prostitutes while taking their money...however the laws against 'pimping'
cover anyone who takes money from a prostitute, no matter what their
relationship. Our grown children are charged as pimps, and our landlords.
It severely limits prostitutes' legal right to have any kind of
relationship, to spend money, or to live anywhere. Of course we are
vulnerable to abusive 'pimps.' Internationally pros rights activists have
documented case after case demonstrating this... that is my issue with
pimping laws, though I would support and work towards using laws against
violence and other abuse against anyone abusive to prostitutes.

Carol Leigh
Prostitutes' Education Network

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