report: Sex work migration routes Romania-Greece

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John Davies (
Tue, 6 Oct 1998 09:59:14 +0100

Dear List,

We have just finished writing up the migration route and strategy used by
the group of six Romanian women I met in Greece prior to their deportation.
The report is based on interviews after their return to Romania and is a
brief account of their personal history, reasons for engaging in sex work
migration, why they chose Greece as a destination, details of their travel
arrangements, and their experiences in Greece.

Mihaila did most of the interviewing and I think has helped to make the
accounts very transparent and especially interesting as the accounts have
been given to a sex worker by a sex worker and not by a sex worker to a
Police officer or a social worker. Migration or trafficking accounts in
Europe certainly appear to be affected by who the intended audience is or by
who the interviewer is.

The report is available by e-mail to any agency or professional working in
migration , we will not supply the information to the press and would ask
other not to do the same.

We would like to exchange the report for other material about trafficking or
sexwork migration in English. So if you would like this report please use
the above subject line and send a message to saying who you
are and giving a few details of your agency and telling us what material you
could offer in exchange.

(La Strada Poland, we would like to get a copy of your video in English !).

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