Taiwan prostitutes sue Taipei mayor

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Melanie Orhant (mgo6@cornell.edu)
Tue, 29 Sep 1998 16:15:34 -0500

Taiwan prostitutes sue Taipei mayor

TAIPEI, Sept 10 (Reuters) - Taiwan prostitutes on Thursday sued the
of Taipei, saying he had deprived them of their ``working freedom and

In a statement, members of the Prostitutes' Self-Saving League said
Chen Shui-bian had violated the constitution by depriving them of their
freedom and right to work.

``Under the constitution, everyone is given the right and freedom to
and Chen Shui-bian unilaterally removed our rights and freedom by
cancelling our working licences in September 1997 without consulting
the league said.

Chen had even defied a December 1997 city council order to restore the
prostitutes' working status, the league said.

Chen has not commented on the charges.

Before Chen ordered the revocation of their licences, Taipei still had
legal prostitutes who worked under permits issued by the city government

under a system dating back to the 1950s.

Chen, a member of the main opposition Democratic Progressive Party,
to clean up the city two years after he took the mayoral post in 1995
the ruling Nationalist Party.

Court officials said they would study the suit before deciding whether
summon Chen for a hearing.

07:23 09-10-98

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