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Victoria Marinelli (
Sat, 26 Sep 1998 01:42:04 PDT

Hello all:

I am a survivor of prostitution and a recent subscriber to the
stoptraffic listserv. In belated response to the above question, I have
a very long list of URLS pertinent to child and adult trafficking which
follows. Hope they can be of use. Also, I will have these websites
linked to my own webpage whenever I get that up and running. In
conjunction with this project I am developing a newsletter to connect
trafficked women and their allies, entitled "Resistance Network News".
One of the goals of this newsletter will be to provide a forum for
persons who are in hiding or other dangerous situations, so that the
forum is not dominated by academics who have not experienced
trafficking, etc. Such a forum would have helped me (if had been
available, say, for free at public library access terminals) when I had
to go underground for four years because of extreme danger from pimps.
Anyone wanting to know more about this project can email me: List of URLS follows.

-- Victoria Marinelli

Trafficking-Related Websites

Coalition Against Trafficking in Women

STORM (Survivors Transcending & Overcoming Rape & Misogyny)

Promise for Women Escaping Prostitution (SF, CA)


Captive Daughters (LA, CA)

Andrew Vachss Homepage (Andrew is a supporter of Promise in SF, and
represents exploited youth as an attorney in NY)

Lauriane International Children Association (Re: Missing Children; site
is in French or English)

The Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women (Based in Thailand)

The CAPCAT Project (Coalition Against Prostitution and Child Abuse in

ECPAT (End Child Prostitution And Trafficking - Thailand)

GABRIELA Network (US Based org re: Philippines)

Child Rights Information Network - re: child labor and prostitution in

SAWNET; South Asian Women's NETwork

Blue Fox (info re: child trafficking in Nepal)

Child Rights Information Network (UK)

Rädda Barnen (Sweden)

Trafficking in Women and Girls (Sweden)

Defence for Children International (Geneva)

World Congress Against Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children

Alliance for the Girl Child on the Street (South Africa)
(Note: site has odd msg linking evils of prostitution to Nelson
Mandela's support for abortion rights... oh, dear.)

Human Rights Orgs w/ Some Women's/ Trafficking Focus

Anti-Slavery International (Based in UK)

Witness: Advancing human rights through communications technologies

Human Rights Watch

Amnesty International USA Home Page

Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights

The Human Rights Web Home Page

Women Beijing Human Rights USIA

Equality Now (a women's human rights group)

Women's Human Rights Database Group: DIANA at the University of Toronto


Also, in addition to Carol Leigh's website (,
other websites with material arguing variously for the interests of
trafficked persons and their traffickers include the following:

The Blackswan Review

Society for Human Sexuality
(site features interviews with Carol Leigh and Ms. Leigh's interview
with pimp Rebecca Rand, etc.)

Pimpin' Quarterly

Polyestuh: Pimp Resources on the Net

I've found the latter materials highly useful, if not especially
compelling, in analyzing the pro-prostitution viewpoint.

>At 13:08 -0400 24/09/98, Jyothi Kanics---Global Survival Network wrote:
>>I was wondering if people subscribed to the list have Web Sites that
>>would recommend for further information on issues related to
trafficking and
>>for international contacts. I have listed a few good sites below, but
>>like to expand this list. I am interested in information provided by
>>non-governmental, intergovernmental and governmental organizations.
>>Thank you!
>>Jyothi Kanics
>>STOP TRAFFIC list facilatator
>>Foundation of Women's Forum/Stiftelsen Kvinnoforum
>>Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women
>>Global Survival Network
>>Human Rights Watch
>>International Organization for Migration
>>STOP TRAFFIC list archives

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Dear all

Mihaila Soca is a Romanian migrating sex worker, who is the only sex work
project outreach manager in the CEE who is also a sex worker. She does not
engage in sex work in Romania. So she has committed no offence in Romania.

Since the Braila police department was informed that she was speaking at the
Budapest conference on the rights and needs of migrating sex workers she has
been the target of constant harassment.

By opening new investigations and files the police were able to out her as a
sex worker to her family and home community. i.e. sending interview
appointments from the vice squad requiring her to her attend the police
station for interview, to her friends and relatives by accident. She has
also been named by unidentified police sources in local newspaper articles
as a prostitute. Police officers and informers have also spoken to her 12
year old daughter telling her that her mother is wanted for being a
prostitute and that her mother will be arrested.

The local police want to confiscate her passport while she is under
investigation and as an investigation can easily take three years she would
effectively prevented from undertaking her out-reach work.

Mihaila is widely recognised as most probably the most effective out-reach
worker among migrant sex workers in the CEE, and yet she and her colleagues
have been subjected to threats and constant harassment. This is in marked
contrast to a non-sex worker run project in the North-east of the country
that apparently "assists" the police to identify sex workers so they can be
helped !

The most worrying issue is that due process is being regularly abused and
women in sex work are being prevented from having their passports by
contrived and baseless investigations.

Mihaila is working under a new name and identity outside of Braila and would
welcome encouragement and support.

Mihaila is presently working with a group of Romanian women who were
trafficked to Greece, to map out how they travelled to Greece and how the
trafficking system worked. She has already met with the trafficking agent
involved to negotiate better terms and conditions for the women who use his
service. One immediate improvement is that the women will no longer have to
live in the club or bar that they will work at. Mihaila is trying to create
a network of women already in Greece willing to offer temporary
accommodation to newly arriving migrants so that they will not be so
dependent on the bar owners.

You can send her a message at

Best regards


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