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Ann Jordan (
Wed, 23 Sep 1998 14:47:24 -0400

Dear Colleagues, Friends and Sisters,
> I am happy to inform you that First Channel of the Russian TV (ORT)
> will
> broadcasting first time for Russian/CIS audience a talk shaw
> "Trafficking
> in
> Women" in the serious program "Person in Mask". The trafficked woman,
> Marina
> is one the hero girl I ever saw and heard, she has been shared her
> story to
> make other girl to aware, Marina is ready to create rehabilitation
> program
> for trafficked women in her own town. The facilitator is one of the
> most
> famous Russian TV journalist Vladimir Pozner. The program was done by
> New
> Studio, it was initiated and coordinated by American NGO MIRAMED
> (Juliet
> Engel), the program used video-taped "Bought and Sold" produced by
> Global
> Surviving Network.
> "Trafficked Woman" on program "Person in Mask"
> 5, October
> 8 p.m., Moscow time
> Monday
> 1-st Channel
> All Russian Television
> I am highly appreciated for all of women and women's NGOs that have
> been
> working to put trafficking on public hearing, I am personally learned
> from
> this program so much that I don not believe that somewhere I was not
> concern
> about trafficking.
> Gillian Caldwell, who has shacked us two years ago by the Global
> Surviving
> Network survey on trafficking issues in Russia, will not believe how
> much
> we
> have moved since there. I strongly believe that comming show will
> shift
> public opinion and make this issue public.
> E.Kochkina,
> Network Women's Program
> OSI-Russia
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From: Jyothi Kanics---Global Survival Network <>
Subject: Question: Web Sites on Trafficking ?


I was wondering if people subscribed to the list have Web Sites that they
would recommend for further information on issues related to trafficking and
for international contacts. I have listed a few good sites below, but would
like to expand this list. I am interested in information provided by
non-governmental, intergovernmental and governmental organizations.

Thank you!

Jyothi Kanics
STOP TRAFFIC list facilatator


Foundation of Women's Forum/Stiftelsen Kvinnoforum

Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women

Global Survival Network

Human Rights Watch

International Organization for Migration

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