Stripper gets turfed

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Melanie Orhant (
Tue, 22 Sep 1998 13:39:05 -0500

Stripper gets turfed
The Toronto Sun, September 18, 1998

A stripper who goes by the names Danger and Sheba will be the first of
eight exotic dancers -- nabbed in raids on three clubs -- to be deported
for table dancing here illegally.

Ann Marie Carter, 33, was among 115 people rounded up in police raids on
three York Region strip clubs two weeks ago.

Immigration spokesman Sue Dobrin said Carter will be deported within days
to Jamaica. "She had failed to comply with a departure order. She will be
removed as soon as possible," Dobrin said.

Dobrin said Carter entered Canada as a visitor in February 1984 and

She said Carter came to the attention of immigration officers in June 1996
after being convicted of fraud over $1,000.

She was ordered to leave the country that month but didn't, Dobrin said.

Also facing deportation are two sisters from St. Vincent and a dancer from
the U.S., who are undergoing hearings for working here illegally,
immigration officers said. Two others have been given departure orders. A
Korean stripper, who was in Canada for just days when the raid occurred,
also is being sent packing for not having a work permit.

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