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Altink s.m. (
Fri, 18 Sep 1998 20:11:29 +0200

Thanks, I agree on your point, and it is certainly true on a
sociological/theoretical level. I should have been more precise. Maybe I
should have written that it is especially true in direct confrontation.
Most of my collegues are sex-workers or sex-workers. They are almost daily
confronted with questions from journalists if they work or have voluntarily
or not. They never asked me if I worked voluntarily on my current job as
policy adviser. Donkeys years ago I did odd jobs: working as a waitress in
the harbour, cleaning toilets in hospitals, teaching etc, but nobody asked
my then colleagues if they did it voluntarily.But you are absolutely right,
'free will' and 'volition' and socialization are an issue in gender

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> In a message dated 9/11/98 9:33:27 AM, you wrote:
> <<This focus on volition is only reserved for
> sexwork and is one of the reasons of its stigmatization. >>
> This is inaccurate when it comes to feminist understanding since we have
> at least the 30 years I have been active in the US women's movement)
> regarded the matter of choice in all occupations and conditions
> women's lives, not just sexwork, but certainly including it. In fact, we
> aware from the start that "coerced choice" is no choice at all. If a
woman is
> socialized to believe that her proper roles and occupations in life are
> a selection limited by social norms, then she is not acting out of
> volition, but only out of the pressures, economic or psychological,
brought to
> bear upon her. Women who "choose" the role of wife and homemaker are no
> acting from a limited selection of coerced choices than the woman who
> the only occupations suitable for her sex are nurse, teacher, secretary,
> other anxillary occupations to those "reserved" for men. Feminists do,
> indeed, question whether or not there is volition (choice) in all of
> roles and occupations, although certainly it is easy to recognize the
> advantages of sexwork when chosen by those who find no other desirable
> open to them. GBDiaspora
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From: Jyothi Kanics---Global Survival Network <>
Subject: RE: Russian language Hotline in Israel

To all list recipients:

To clarify: The hotline is only one, not two, nights a week. The hours
begin on a Wednesday and carry over into the early hours of Thursday
morning. But it is still only one night. Pardon me if it seems like I am
nit-picking, but this is an important detail for anyone who will actually

Thanks Much,
Anya Stone

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