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Mon, 14 Sep 1998 18:11:40 EDT

Delighted with thjis important development.Knesset members meeting with some
of us on Tuesday,tomorrow.Any help/support needed? How is the hotline
publicized?Best wishes,Judy
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<<This focus on volition is only reserved for
sexwork and is one of the reasons of its stigmatization. >>

This is inaccurate when it comes to feminist understanding since we have (for
at least the 30 years I have been active in the US women's movement) always
regarded the matter of choice in all occupations and conditions surrounding
women's lives, not just sexwork, but certainly including it. In fact, we were
aware from the start that "coerced choice" is no choice at all. If a woman is
socialized to believe that her proper roles and occupations in life are among
a selection limited by social norms, then she is not acting out of informed
volition, but only out of the pressures, economic or psychological, brought to
bear upon her. Women who "choose" the role of wife and homemaker are no less
acting from a limited selection of coerced choices than the woman who thinks
the only occupations suitable for her sex are nurse, teacher, secretary, and
other anxillary occupations to those "reserved" for men. Feminists do,
indeed, question whether or not there is volition (choice) in all of these
roles and occupations, although certainly it is easy to recognize the economic
advantages of sexwork when chosen by those who find no other desirable avenues
open to them. GBDiaspora
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From: Jyothi Kanics---Global Survival Network <>
Subject: news: FBI breaks crime ring linked to Russian mafia

FBI breaks crime ring linked to Russian mafia

By BY NATASHA KORECKI Daily Herald Staff Writer

The Federal Bureau of Investigation on Thursday arrested four Russian and
Latvian nationals who
allegedly brought Latvian women into the U.S. and forced them to dance nude
at Chicago

The U.S. Attorney's Office charged the four - including a Lake Zurich man -
and in doing so broke
up a ring that claimed to have deep ties to organized crime in Russia.

The two men charged are: Vadim Gorokhouski, 28, of 463 Cromwell Street, Lake
charged with conspiracy to commit peonage (forced servitude) and peonage;
and Alex
Mishulovich, 38, of 4101 West Estes, Lincolnwood, charged with visa fraud,
peonage and
conspiracy to commit peonage. Gorokhouski and Mishulovich are from Russia.

Also charged were two female Latvian nationals. Rudite Pede, 21, and Dace
Mediniece, 20, both
listing addresses at the Edgewater Motel on Touhy Avenue in Lincolnwood.
They were both
charged with conspiracy to commit visa fraud and visa fraud.

The arrests were made Thursday morning with the help of local police. The
suspects are in custody
pending a preliminary bond hearing set for 3 p.m. Monday.

According to a complaint filed in U.S. District Court Thursday, Pede and
Mishulovich recruited
women in Riga, Latvia, and issued fraudulent visas.

In the complaint, three female victims told an FBI agent that Pede and
Mishulovich approached
them saying they could make $60,000 a year dancing in a "sophisticated
gentleman's" club where
no nudity or touching was permitted. Mishulovich promised he would get the
women U.S.
citizenship if they agreed to work at the club and split the profits for one

Once they arrived in the United States, however, the situation changed
drastically. According to the
complaint, Mishulovich told the women he would use his ties to the Russian
mafia to kill their
families if they refused to dance topless and nude at various nightclubs.

Tcharouchine worked with Mishulovich to pick women up at the airport, then
seize their
documentation, passports, visas and return tickets so they were unable to
leave. The women were
locked in hotels or other locations, according to the complaint.

The complaint also charges Mishulovich beat the women regularly.

The women were then forced to turn over money to Mishulovich and Tcharouchine.

FBI spokesman Bob Long said there is no official count of how many women
were involved, but
the complaint involves at least three witnesses who cooperated with the FBI.

"There has been nothing like this in the immediate past in Chicago," Long
said, adding that similar
crimes have occurred in Los Angeles and New York, which have larger Russian

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