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Mon, 14 Sep 98 11:49:36 -0500

Dear all -

I am forwarding below with permission excerpts letter I received from the
Israeli Women's Network announcing a new hotline available which will be staffed
two nights per week with a Russian speaker. Please make this information
available to women who may find it useful. Please also not that there is an
attachment in Microsoft Word which includes IWN's proposed information brochure.

Best regards,

Gillian Caldwell
Director, WITNESS
Lawyers Committee for Human Rights
333 Seventh Avenue, 13th Floor
New York, N.Y. 10001-5004
tel: 212-845-5252
fax: 212-845-5299


Dear Ms. Caldwell,

I am writing on behalf of the Israel Women's Network. As was promised by
Rachel Benziman at the Budapest training seminar, a hotline for trafficked
women in Israel and an information sheet have been created. The hotline
number is (03)5176176, on Wednesday from 10:30 p.m to 7:00 am (Thursday) a
Russian speaker who is familiar with the trafficking situation will be on
the line. At other times, the hotline attendents will know basic information to
give to trafficked woman and may be able to tell them when to call back for a
Russian speaker. Further training is an issue that can be raised at the next
Coalition meeting. The'Coalition' is made up of members of IWN, Israel Rape
Crisis Centers, We Are Worthy (the Sex-Worker's rights group), and a few other

Stickers which advertise this hotline are being distributed throughout Israel.
Also, the general Israel Rape Crisis Center hotline can be reached by simply
dialing 1202.

I have attached the information sheet to this e-mail. Please translate it
and distribute it in whatever form you like. In addition, it may be
important for at-risk women to know that anyone (even an illegal worker)
can open a bank account in Israel. Many pimps and traffickers tell the
woman the contrary.

Anya Stone <>


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