Diversion for "Influencers"

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Salamon Alapitvany (salamon@ns.tiszanet.hu)
Wed, 9 Sep 1998 22:50:48 -0700


Subject : Diversion for "influencers"

I have long considered that there is a need to address diversion from sex
work for influencers. I have always found it difficult to accept that
people who engage in sex work management are somehow destined always to be
tied to sex work and I believe even those who are abusive must be
susceptible to various forces for change.

I further believe that diversion strategies that address the reduction of
dependence on sex work income by influencers would eventually have a
positive impact on the population of women who suffer abuse in sex work
including women who have been trafficked.

I was therefore very interested to read the following article in The Times
which reports sex club owners in Hamburg are converting their sex clubs
into refugee hostel accommodation. This is not any act of humanitarian
concern but a response to the profits to be made by supplying accommodation
to the refugees whose rents are paid for by the State.

However it does demonstrate that influencers will abandon sex work income
should alternatives, attractive to them, present themselves. Influencers
are therefore not all ordinarily ordained to be abusive traffickers, who
then shun every other possibility so that they might inflict the maximum
abuse on women without regard to any other circumstance. Therefore
Influencers should be engaged and diversion possibilties considered.

In Hungary we have reduced influencer dependence on sex work income by
working with influencers to develop alternative sources of income.

I would welcome comments and discussion around this topic .

I am also working on a paper regarding women who manage sex workers, and
women who use sex workers. There have been some interesting articles in
London about gay women paying for sex, and the establishment of a gay
women's sauna" and club nights when straight strippers are paid to
entertain a gay women's audience. I have also received material about
Japanese women using Thailand as a place to buy sex from men. I am
therefore interested that these phenomena could widen the debate about sex
work being a patriarchal exploitation, I believe that these events are more
than women acting out as pseudo-men and as such buying sex is more
complicated than represented in the patriarchal model. I would welcome
comments regarding these considerations, but off-list as this could go off

I have been exceptionally busy in recent weeks, but I will now be able to
resume my contact with the list.

Best regards

John Davies
Salamon Alapitvany and Ildiko K Memorial Civil Rights Institute

Working for peace and equitable justice for all marginalised people
Seeking to include sex workers within civil society without discrimination
Believing in change through consensus not repression.

Pf.1152, Balastya 6764, Hungary. Tel/Fax +36 62 278314.
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From: Melanie Orhant <mgo6@cornell.edu>
Subject: THAILAND - Police Arrested for Trafficking


  Police Arrested for Trafficking

Thai immigration police have busted a prostitution ring which involved a
couple and several police officers in the
northern province of Tak. The couple were arrested when they delivered a 17
year-old Myanmar woman to the railway
station - a search of their house revealed 3 other Burmese women aged 17
to 19 years. The women said they had
been brought from Burma to Thailand by police officers who had been paid
US$163 to deliver them to the couple.
Other women had already been sold into prostitution and or as labourers to
sweat-shop operators.

Melanie Orhant

Human Trafficking Program
Global Survival Network

P.O. Box 73214
Washington, DC 20009
T: 387-0028
F: 387-2590
Email: morhant@igc.org

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