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SCI-Italy (
Mon, 07 Sep 1998 12:21:09 +0200

I would like to express all the support of "Demetra" a young women's group
of Italy.
We are sorry we are not able to be there with our bodies, but surely we
will with our souls.
Love and peace,

Valentina Pescetti
Anna Basoni
Angela Ruberto

At 09.08 31/08/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Prague, August 1998
>Dear sisters,
>a demonstration is going to be held on Saturday October 3rd in
>Prague. It is because of the following case:
>There has been a house built by the Czech WomenĘs Club in 1931. This
>house is in the street Ve Smeckach, just around the corner from the
>very centre of Prague, the Wenceslaw Square. There were offices for
>womenĘs organisations, rooms for young girls seeking jobs in Prague
>and a restaurant there.
>Amongst Czech women who organised the building of this house were F.
>Plaminkova, prewar MP, executed by Nazis, and M.Horakova, post-war
>MP, prisoned by Nazis and executed by Communist in 1950. The club was
>cancelled after 1948 and the property went to the State.
>After 1989 many of similar clubs and associations got their property
>back. We have tried all official ways, wrote several petitions but
>have been refused. The house is owned by the City Counsil today and
>officers from the Council live there.
>The demonstration starts at 13,00 in front of the house. We would
>like to put the sign "CZECH WOMENĘS CLUB" in big letters on the
>house, which was before the war there. Then from 15,00 a concert
>starts at a square nearby.
>We would like you to come and support us. If you are unable to travel
>to Prague, all kinds of support are welcome (letters, greetings,
>We look forward to hearing from you soon.
>Best regards
>Michaela Marksova-Tominova, Executive Manager of Gender Studies
>Sasa M. Lienau, proFem
>Baerbel Butterweck, La Strada CR,o.p.s.
>and 15 others womens organisations...

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