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Mon, 7 Sep 1998 14:33:32 EDT

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<<Politicians and government bureaucrats usually forget that their laws and
regulations affect real, live human beings.>>

Politicians and bureaucrats do not have this lapse of memory when the real,
live human beings affected are themselves, and people like themselves. In
candor they will explain a given law or regulation in terms of what it might
do to their own circumstances. When it comes to the lives of others,
especially others who are strange, unlike, deemed inferior, powerless in the
system, or otherwise "alien" they do not have a clue about the impact on real,
live human beings. You may have a point that the philosophies espoused by
Libertarianism would be an improvement, but when and where was the last
election won by a candidate on the Libertarian ticket? Talk about reality, we
still have a two-party system in the United States. Perhaps we can get some
Republicans and Democrats to think like Libertarians, huh?
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<<Either this is a chance to become more realistic about the issue or an
> excuse to do nothing
> >>

I am not certain exactly what your point is in comparing the "choice" of
"voluntary cleaning ladies" with "voluntary sexwork," but your sentence above
really caught my eye. The alternative to "doing nothing" is "doing
something." What do you have in mind, besides "becoming more realistic" which
is an attitude and not an action. Would you be willing to propose an "action
statement" which starts with a verb, describes the action to be taken, defines
the "target" of the action and ends with the goal to be accomplished of
"change in the public interest?" That would be something really worth
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From: Terre des Hommes - NL <>
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Subject: Child Trafficking to West-Europe
Date: Mon, 7 Sep 1998 17:15:00 +0200
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Terre des Hommes Netherlands would like to ask your attention for the

Whilst undertaking research into child prostitution here, the case of
so-called 'Unaccompanied Asylum seeking Minors' was brought to our
by some specialized agencies (like the Valentijn- Foundation in the
Netherlands) An increasing number of young Chinese girls end up in the
asylum-centers, either pregnant or with child and tell stories of how they
were taken from China via Moscow and Germany to end up in The Netherlands.
Usually they were deceived by a travel-agent (She Tou: Snake Head) with his
stories about western-Europe. The parents and family is asked to pay a lot
of money for the trip of their child. The child lives mostly in a modal
family in a city of South-East China. Most of these Chinese children tell
they were raped and beaten along the way.A lot of the girls (but perhaps
the boys as well) were forced into prostitution in Moscow, sometimes in
Germany and the Netherlands as well, by the notorious Chinese She-Tou
(snake head). This way they had to pay for their trip to the Netherlands.
Some girls are pregnant at their arrival in the centers in the Netherlands.

We would like to ask you whether you are familiar with this case or whether
you have heard something about it. Any information on this case is welcome.

The 'Valentijn- Foundation' also reports that each week several children
disappear from the centers. This year some police-investigations have let
to the conclusion that most of the Nigerian and Liberian girls are forced
in prostitution in the Netherlands and Belgium. These girls are trafficked
to the Netherlands by travel-agents. The girls were mislead at their
village by a madam who is willing to arrange work for them. After some
months work in a garement-factory they are taken to the Netherlands. The
travel-agents have full power over these girls by voodoo (they possess some
hair, nails, skin and blood of the girls).

Terre des Hommes is wondering whether you have heard of these trafficking
situations and whether you know where these girls are forced to work.

I hope to receive some information soon. Thank you in advance.


Merel Hoogendoorn
Projects & Campaigns

Van Speijkstraat 3
2518 EV The Hague
The Netherlands

phone : 070 - 363 79 40
fax : 070 - 365 21 60

e-mail :

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