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Shira Minton (Notnim@webtv.net)
Thu, 3 Sep 1998 09:30:16 -0400 (EDT)

I am researching the issue of trafficking and I keep coming upon the
same theme: lack of choice. It seems to me that the women who get
caght in the web of forced prostitution are desperate for economic
sustenance and will grab at any opportunity to find employment. Once
they realize what they are up against, it is too late and they are
virtual prisoners in a life they did not choose. Moreover, assuming
they are ever set free, what do they do then? If they are deported they
end up exactly where they were before only now they are stygmatized. If
they manage to stay in the country to which they have been brought, how
are they supposed to make a living? Its a terrible problem. I am
interested in opinions on these issues. I am also interested in hearing
opinions on 2 other issues:

1) the issue of those who engage in the sex business on a voluntary
basis and how the movement against trafficking is effecting their rights
and abilities to make a living and

2) opinions on the bill pending in the U.S. Congress regarding
trafficking and how it will or will not help the victims.

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