Job:Trafficking Prevention Coordinator, NIS-US Women's Consortium, Ukraine

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Wed, 2 Sep 1998 10:49:24 -0700 (PDT)

Please circulate this widely. Apologies for cross-posting.

**Position Announcement for Trafficking Prevention Coordinator, NIS-US
Women's Consortium, Ukraine**

Winrock International Institute for Agricultural Development is seeking
a Trafficking Prevention Coordinator for the NIS-US Women's Consortium,
a USAID-supported coalition of women's groups in the New Independent
States (NIS) of the former Soviet Union and the US. The Trafficking
Prevention Coordinator will facilitate a project designed to increase
the economic opportunities of Ukrainian women at risk of being
trafficked into sexual slavery abroad. The position will be based in
Kyiv, Ukraine with a significant amount of local travel within Ukraine.

The NIS-US Women's Consortium is a membership organization currently
composed of over 190 NGOs in Russia, Ukraine and the US as well as 9
individual advisors with offices in Kyiv, Moscow and Washington DC. The
Consortium is dedicated to increasing the capacity of NIS women's NGOs
and empowering their leaders to raise women's status and strengthen
their participation in the process of democratic transition. The
Consortium provides women's leadership training, seed grants to NIS
women's NGOs, technical assistance and information dissemination.

The Consortium is now launching a trafficking prevention project in
Ukraine to reach out to at-risk young women through 3 Trafficking
Prevention Centers outside Kyiv. Each of the 3 Centers will conduct
integrated Job Skills Training and Violence Prevention Programs. The
Trafficking Prevention Coordinator will work out of the existing Kyiv
office of the Consortium and will travel frequently to the 3 Centers.
The Trafficking Prevention Coordinator will supervise approximately 10
Ukrainian staff in these 3 Centers.

The Trafficking Prevention Coordinator, in coordination with the West
NIS Coordinator and Ukrainian Consortium staff, will maintain a
functioning office in Kyiv including files, budget and communication
procedures to facilitate Consortium activities. Other responsibilities
will include:

 - Coordinating trafficking prevention activities of the NIS-US Women's
Consortium with Ukrainian and international groups working on the issue;
 - Facilitating information and training exchanges with women's NGOs in
Russia and Poland;
 - Collaborating with other USAID contractors and grantees to provide
medical, legal and employment services to clients of the Centers;
 - Cooperating with current Ukrainian Consortium NGO members to ensure
effective referral and information distribution networks in the Centers;
 - Providing technical assistance and information to local and
international institutions interested in prevention of trafficking of
women in Ukraine;
 - Assisting the West NIS Coordinator with management of a seed grant
program for local women's NGOs;
 - Overseeing the Job Skills Training Program and Violence Prevention
Program and assisting with publication of a bilingual English/Ukrainian
training manual that covers these topics;
 - Assisting the Kyiv Legal Consultant with the development of a series
of informational brochures on women's human rights and advocacy
 - Preparing and presenting all written reports to USAID/Kyiv with
support from the US Coordinator ; and - Providing financial reporting
to Winrock HQ in conjunction with a Ukrainian staff accountant.

Required qualifications include:
 - Ability to clearly articulate the issues involved in trafficking of
 - Experience with job skills training programs for women and/or
prevention of domestic violence;
 - Demonstrated commitment to women's equality and familiarity with the
women's movement in the NIS;
 - Bilingual English/Russian or English/Ukrainian fluency;
 - Public relations, negotiation, public speaking, and writing skills in
both English and Russian/Ukrainian;
 - Ability to interact with donor organizations, international agencies
and senior US and Ukrainian government officials;
 - Management, organizational, conceptual, and analytical skills;
 - Knowledge of USAID policies and procedures;
 - For US citizens, a master's degree and at least 3 years experience in
the non-profit sector; for Ukrainians, a diplom and at least 2 years
experience working in the U.S. ; and
 - Basic computer skills, with Microsoft Word preferred.

Preferred qualifications include:
 - Background in training or adult education;
 - A law degree;
 - Small grants management experience; and
 - Extensive overseas travel and living experience.

This position is available immediately. The US Coordinator will begin
interviewing in Washington DC in September. The three top candidates
will also be interviewed by the Kyiv Consortium staff.

To request an interview, please send your resume, salary history and
salary requirements to:

George Mamo, Director
Human Resources
Winrock International
38 Winrock Drive
Morrilton, AR 72110-9370 USA
(501) 727 5242 fax (PLEASE write "trafficking prevention" in the subject

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