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Anna Rapolti (rapoltia@osi.hu)
Thu, 27 Aug 1998 16:27:46 +0200

 OSI - Network Women's Program and the participating National Foundations
     Service Support Program for combating Violence Against Women
     Host and Visitor Women's NGOs- Exchange Program
     VISITOR Application Announcement 1998
     Deadline: 30. September 1998
     Countries eligible to apply: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Estonia, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Romania, Russia, Slovak Republic, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan. Applicants from Belarus and Turkmenistan should apply directly to the Network Women's Program.
     One of the most important forms of women's response to violence,
     especially to domestic violence, is the establishment of a broad
     network of hot-lines, shelters for battered women, therapy and crisis
     centers, and legal service for victims of violence and sexual abuse.
     Women NGOs play a crucial role in documentation and social exposure of
     acts and practices of violence against women. Women NGOs in the East
     have learned a lot, and gained much experience in the past years. Now
     the time has come to share all this knowledge within the region and to
     support the development of a growing culture of self-help and
     self-sufficiency, and also strengthening international links between
     NGOs working on similar issues.
     The Network Women's Program in co-operation with the National Foundations in the above mentioned countries are running a Host and Visitor - Exchange Program to
     following aims:
                7 to encourage the establishment and the improvement of different
     kinds of services focusing on violence against women issues according
     to the needs of each country;
                7 to encourage NGOs to share their knowledge, to strengthen already
     existing programs and to support the creation of new programs
                7 to enhance the development and collaborative skills of both the Host
     and Visitor NGOs, to maximise use of existing knowledge, information
     and resources, and to introduce new services at the national level in
     the countries of the OSI Network.
                7 those NGOs, who have completed successful exchange visit are encouraged to apply for FOLLOW UP GRANTS which will reflect their new skills, knowledge and planing.
     The information gathered in the process of identifying NGOs working on violence will be used to create a database for future referrals.
     INFORMATION ON SELECTED HOST NGOS (see attached list)
     As a first step the NWP announced the grant program for Host Egos
     throughout the OSI Network and has selected several active, effective
     and developed women Egos that are willing to help, support and train
     others NGOs working in the same field. Please see attached list of
     selected Host NGOs.

     The selected Host Women NGOs are NGOs that are already running
     successful services--by providing shelters, crisis centers, hot lines,
     support groups or training etc.,--who want to offer a model and train
     other NGOs on how to start or improve such aid services to women who
     have been victims of violence. The NWP is covering the total budget of
     the Host NGOs.
     Visitor Women's NGOs are NGOs whose work focuses issues related to
     violence against women that would like to:
     7 gain hands-on skills in the services provided by Host NGOs
     7 learn how to set up or develop a similar service in their home
     7 learn how to participate in networking at the national and regional
       levels on issued related to violence against women.
     Please note that we can only consider Visitor NGO applications from the countries mentioned above, who's national foundations have committed matching fund for this program.
     VISITOR APPLICATION GUIDELINES - All applications preferably should be submitted in English

     I. Applicant Information Form:
     7 Full contact information for the applicant group, program or
     department. Please double-check that you provide us with correct
     contact information.
     7 The names, full address e-mail address and telephone/fax numbers of
     two individuals who can evaluate and comment on the group's work and
     the proposed activities. These references will be contacted if the
     selection board would like further information about the applicant
     7 Total budget of the organisation for 1997-1998, and sources of
     II. The following documentation should be attached to the Applicant
          Information Form:
     1. Two page proposal
       - regarding your organisation's plan starting a program after the visit,
       - in addition to indicating the kind of service you wish to start or develop
         (shelter, rape crisis intervention, counselling, legal services ,
         hot-line, research, data analysis, creating support group for victims
       - the expected outcomes of the exchange visit
       -please indicate how many persons from your NGO you would like to send
        to the HOST NGO, and the name of the HOST NGO you would like to visit considering the language
        of the training.
         (The list of Host NGOs is attached.)
       -please explain your choice; what kind of experience or knowledge your organization would
        like to gain from the proposed training with the host NGO.
       -a summary of the past and present activities of the group, program or
        department including an overview of the education and training staff
        members have previously received.
     2. A budget form itemising possible costs of your exchange visit
       This should contain the price of the tickets, including local travel expenses,
       visa/photo, airport tax and 20 dollar perdiem per person ( the day of arrival and the
       day of the departure together counts as one day the). Accommodation and
       meals will be covered by the Host NGOs.
       We ask you to make a list of your preferred Host NGOs from 1-3 in a
       similar chart where number one is your most preferred choice:
     Name of Host NGO Country Travel Budget/person Total travel budget
     Candidates will be preselected by National Foundations.
     The final selection will be completed by the NWP board, based on the
     preselection of the National Foundations. NWP will be responsible for
     matching Host organizations with Visitor organizations. Please note
     that although your preference will be taken into consideration, we
     cannot guarantee that you will visit the HOST NGO you indicate as your
     first choice.
     Applications should be sent to the NWP in Budapest, and also to the
     national Soros Foundation. (E-mails are preferred)
     Turkmenistan and Belarus should send applications ONLY to NWP
     The address of NWP is :
     Open Society Institute / Network Women's Program 1051 Budapest, Nador
     u. 11, Hungary
     Applications may also be faxed to: +36-1-327-3864 (please mark on fax:
     for NWP)
     Or sent via e-mail to: womenpro@osi.hu
     (Applications submitted electronically should be attached in Word 2.0
     or higher format, text format, or sent as the main body of the

     NFs send VISITOR application forms (including a list of Hosts) to NGOs : Aug. 10.
     VISITOR applications due to NFs and NWP Sept. 30.
     Pre-selection of VISITOR NGOs by NFs Okt. 15.
     Exchange award notification of NGOs by NWP Oct. 30.
     HOST-VISITOR NGO visits take place from Nov1998 - May 1999
     VISITOR Exchange Reports due June 30 1999

     It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that
     applications reach NWP by the due date.
    Applications not received by the application deadline or not fully
     completed will not be considered.
     Applicants will be notified of the decision by post, and fax or
      e- mail as requested on the Applicant Information Form.
     Upon confirmation of receipt of the award funds, the Host
     and Visitor NGOs can organize and carry out the exchange trip between
     December 1998 and May 1999.
     All recipients will be required to submit a REPORT,
     thirty days after the completion of the trip. The reports are an
     essential element for the NWP, as they provide the justification for
     the follow up funding of the Visitor NGO's proposed service program.
     Open Society Institute / Network Women's Program
1051 Budapest, Nador u. 11, Hungary
     Tel.: 361 327 3139, Fax: 361 327 3864 E-mail: womenpro@osi.hu
     Service Support HOST-VISITOR EXCHANGE Program for Women NGOs 1998
     VISITOR Application Form- I

     Organisation Name
     Project Title
     Street & #
     Zip code
     Applicant references
     City Code
     City Code
     Amount requested
     Award notification should be sent by : Post Fax E- mail
    (pick one )

     For Office Use Only #
     Req. Awd.
     " Addresses " Budget
     " References " Bank Info.
     " Proj. desc. " Report
     " Past Activities

     Willing to be included in the Directory of Women's NGOs in the
     countries of the OSI Network :
      YES NO
     Past Funding
     Please list other grants received from other sources in the previous
     Year Amount Source
     Year Amount Source
     Year Amount Source
     Bank Information
      If awarded, we agree to provide bank information so that the fund can be
     transfered to us, or find an alternative solution with the nationall Soros Foundation.
     Complete applications should be returned to the National Foundations (see attached contact info) and:
     Open Society Institute
     Network Women's Program
     1051 Budapest, Hungary
     Nador u. 11.
     Tel.: (361) 327 3139, Fax: (361) 327 3864
     E-mail: womenpro@osi.hu
     Applicant checklist
     Please make sure to include the following documents along with this
     Application Form I and II, in your grant proposal:
     Project Description (2 pages)
     Detailed Budget
     Description of Past and Present Activities of your organization
     List of Host NGOs ( from 1-3 )

If you need the Russian translation of the application form, the contact list of WP Coordinators at National Foundations or the description of HOST NGOs, please contact Anna Rapolti at "womenpro@osi.hu"

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