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Mon, 17 Aug 1998 10:40:21 EDT

Dear Lacey: Good question. I would like the answer myself. I believe we
started with a discussion of trafficking of women for the purpose of deceiving
them into a life of forced prostitution, and them we got into a discussion of
voluntary sex work on the part of women (and some men) who make this a
"profession" or occupation and wish to migrate to different countries for
greater opportunities and/or better working conditions. The subjects are
related, but different in their prospective. From the subject of involuntary
(forced) prostitution to the subject of other forms of sexual and non-sexual
exploitation of women was an easy step. There is also trafficking in women
for the purpose of turning them unwillingly into underpaid, or unpaid,
domestic service. There is also trafficing in women for the purpose of forced
There seems to be an endless list of connected topics. Is marriage in itself
a form of prostitution when the woman has no civil rights, or fewer civil
rights, as a wife than her spouse has as a husband? Etc., etc. Let me know
if you get a clear answer to your question, and who you get it from.
Meanwhile, welcome to the discussion.
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Subject: Re: Question about terms

Dear Lacey,

STOP TRAFFIC is an open, electronic mailing list facilitated by the Global
Survival Network (GSN). In answer to your question, GSN does acknowledge
that people can voluntarily migrate for sex work and from what I have seen
posted to this list, many other list members agree with this position as
well. I do not think that everyone on the list would take this position
though because the list is open to everyone concerned with the issue of
trafficking irregardless of their position on voluntary migration for sex work.

The focus of STOP TRAFFIC is not voluntary migration for sex work, but
rather the complex problem of trafficking. As Hanya Krill pointed out, our
definition of trafficking is included in the STOP TRAFFIC list guidelines.
Most recently, in GSN's work in Washington, DC with other NGOs and members
of the US Congress who are trying to address the issue of trafficking, we
have agreed upon the following definition of trafficking:

(1) Trafficking consists of all acts involved in the recruitment or
transportation of persons within or across borders, involving deception,
coercion or force, abuse of authority, debt bondage or fraud, for the purpose of
placing persons in situations of abuse or exploitation such as forced
prostitution, sexual slavery, battering and extreme cruelty, sweatshop labor or
exploitative domestic servitude;

(2) Trafficking also involves one or more forms of kidnaping, false
imprisonment, rape, battering, forced labor or slavery-like practices which
violate fundamental human rights;

I hope that clarifies for you what we mean by "trafficking" and I hope that
you will continue to contribute to the list, even if others on it may come
from a different perspective on some issues.

Best wishes,

Jyothi Kanics

Co-Director, Human Trafficking Program
Global Survival Network
STOP TRAFFIC List Facilitator

At 10:11 AM 8/17/98 -0400, Lacey Sloan wrote:
>Hi all,
>I have been reading some of the messages lately and want to know if the
>list uses common definitions about trafficking. In other words, when you
>say trafficking, it is implied that it means forced trafficking? do members
>of this list acknowledge that women may voluntarily (within the range of
>available options) engage in sex work? that they may voluntarily (within
>the range of available options) travel migrate for sex work? Just
>wondering if I am on the right list.
>Lacey Sloan

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