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Altink s.m. (
Sat, 15 Aug 1998 11:23:13 +0200

I know some of the Dutch participants of this list have published in
English on traffic in women:
Marjan Wijers en Lin Chew, Trafficking in women, forced labour and slavery
like practices.
I myself have contributed as well: Stolen Lives, women traded in sex and
(it has been published in the usa)
sietske altink

> Van: Julie Montgomery <>
> Aan: Multiple recipients of list <>
> Onderwerp: graduate help?
> Datum: vrijdag 14 augustus 1998 22:15
> Hi everyone,
> I am a sociology graduate student at the University of Florida working
> Joe Feagin and Karen Pyke. I'm very interested in the subject of global
> trafficking of women. I have two requests for anyone that can help me
> First, I am currently working on my masters thesis and it deals with the
> "Asian mail order bride" industry. I have done some research on the
> presenteed within the Internet arena. I am trying to locate men and
> involved in this industry in any way. So if anyone has any ideas, I would
> greatly appreciate it. I think this industry needs to be documented in
> order to produce change. Unfortunately, I will have to change my thesis
> topic if I am unable to locate anyone with information dealing with this
> "industry".
> Second, I would like to become actively involved in organizations that
> fight against global trafficking, like yourselves. Basically, how do I
> involved? I will be graduating in August 1999, so I will not be able to
> relocate until that time... but if anyone knows how/where I can be
> involved in a non-profit organization fighting against this oppression,
> please let me know.
> Finally, I would like to say how much I enjoy being on this listserv.
> been very educational and it's great to know that there are other people
> out there that think this problem is as important as I do.
> Thanks again,
> Julie Montgomery
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Dear Julie: The only nonprofit organization in which I am active and which
has a research project dealing with trafficking in women's bodies on the
international level is the Israel Women's Network in Jerusalem. If that
interests you, write me again and I will give you more particulars. Best
wishes to you in your pursuit of social justice for all, and "welcome to the
club" of those of us who spend most of our lives "healing the world." Tikkun
Olam. Shalom. GBDiaspora.
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Subject: definition of "trafficking"
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Someone posted a note to this list asking for the definition of "trafficking":

"Trafficking", as the definition appears on the Global Survival Network
video and according to the Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women, is the
recruitment of individuals by means of violence or threat, debt bondage,
deception or coercion and work which is extracted is under menace of
penalty and for which the individual has not offered themselves voluntarily.

I include below an exerpt from the subscription rules that everyone gets
when subscribing to this list:

STOP-TRAFFIC is a facilitated, international electronic mailing list
dealing with human rights abuses associated with trafficking in
persons,with an emphasis on trafficking in women for forced
prostitution, sweatshop labor, domestic service and coercive mail order
bride arrangements.

My specific interest is to protect the rights of women who are forced into
prostitution or other situations and I am satisfied with a fairly narrow
interpretation of the above parameter. Any dilution of the topic (please
make special note of the name of this list: "STOP-TRAFFIC") takes away from
the emphasis that is clearly (imo) outlined above.

No doubt there are many other abuses in the world today that should be
addressed, but we can't possibly work on them all. For those who would
like to have a forum for discussing abuses associated with "sex work", i.e.
voluntary prostitution, perhaps a separate list would be more appropriate.

Hanya Krill

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