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Woman was sex slave: Cops

The Toronto Sun, July 16, 1998: A Toronto talent agent was
charged after a Romanian stripper was forced to work as a
prostitute in a network of city strip bars.

Det. Bert O'Mara said yesterday the 25-year-old woman was
recruited in Bucharest and sponsored by Toronto-based
Liberty Entertainment to dance here. O'Mara said the woman
was met at Pearson airport and her passport was taken away.
He said the woman was threatened with deportation or injury
to her family in Romania if she didn't do as she was told.

"She was brought here on a permit to work as a stripper...
She was forced to lap dance and do intimate sex," O'Mara

Police said the woman worked in several Toronto strip clubs
from March 1996 to October '97.

"This is a case where a person has used Canada's laws to his
advantage," O'Mara said. "Some bars are open venues for

Immigration spokesman Kevin Sack said his officers go to
strip clubs regularly to check on the status of foreign
dancers. He noted recent changes to the Immigration Act
require foreign dancers to prove they're strippers before
they're granted work permits.

Police have warned...foreign hookers are being sent to work
here under the guise of strippers.

Mozes Safto, 45, has been charged with procuring a person to
enter Canada for the purpose of prostitution, exercising
control for the purpose of prostitution and living off the
avails of prostitution.

He was released on $2,000 bail yesterday.

He is to return to court July 26.

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