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Kala Perkins (
Tue, 04 Aug 1998 16:15:31 +1000

Dear Sue,

Seems that you're here in Australia. I would like to become more
informed and work against the trafficking issue. THere is an
organization that we have called SWAN, School of Women Artists Network;
we were recently in Russia and met women from a retraining centre. We
would like to host an information event about trafficking and raise
funds for the retraining centre.

Where are you located and what is happening here?
Thanks and thanks for the info corrections.
Kala Perkins
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Dear List Members,

The following country specific countact list was generated at the Budapest meeting entitled "Transnational Training Seminar on Trafficking in Women." It is not a participant list, but rather a list of NGOs who volunteered to be the main contact for issues related to trafficking in their countries. For example, ifyou would like more information about organizations working on issues related to trafficking in one of the countries listed below, please contact the group(s) that volunteered to be the main contact.

If you would like us to add your organization's contact information to this list, please send it to: <> with a summary of your organization's activities. Also, if your organization is listed below and you see any mistakes in the information provided, please let me know so that I can correct it before we add this list to the final seminar report.

I hope you all find this list useful in your work!

Thank you very much,

Jyothi Kanics
STOP TRAFFIC list facilitator
Global Survival Network

**National Information
Contact List**


Useful to Albanian Women
contact: Sevim Arbano, President
address: Rr Maim Freshei N6, Tirana, Albania
fax: 355 42 23001

Linea 33408
contact: Aida Busheti, Director
address: P.O.Box 416/1, Tirana, Albania
fax: 355 42 33409

Morava Foundation Albania
Services for Albanian Migrant Sex Workers, Women and girls suffering abuse in sex work, and Victims of Traffficking
Volunteer Center
tel/fax: 0031 519 296273 (Holland)


Democracy Union
contact: Edilian Hasmik, Board Member
address: 17 Nalbanian, Yerevan, Armenia
tel: 3742 565680 or 3742 359389
fax: 3742 565680

Gevond Alischan Council of Women Scientist, Research Scientists
contact: Zhanna Mikaldian, Research Scientist
tel: 3742 255779
fax: 3442 585677


Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA of Belarus)
Working on Prevention of Trafficking in Women
contact: Irina Alkhova, President
address: 220004 Masherov av., 3-124, Minsk, Belarus
tel/fax: 375 072403482

Center for Gender Studies, European Humanities University
Education and research
contact: Irina Dounaeva
tel/fax 375 172 233588

Crisis Centre for Women
Help for victims of Trafficking
contact: Lyudmila I. Oshchepkova, Manager
address: P.O. Box 179, Minsk 220123, Belarus
tel/fax: 375 172 60-26-86
languages: Russian, Belarussian, English


Animus Association / La Strada
Victim Support, counseling through therapy and Social reintegration
contact: Nadia Koojouharova, La Strada National Coordinator
address: P.O. Box 97, Sofia 1408, Bulgaria
tel/fax: 359 2 981 6740

Women's Alliance for Development/ La Strada
contact: Anelia Vassileva, La Strada Press and Lobby Manager
address: 52 Neofit Rilsri Str., Sofia, Bulgaria
tel: 359 2 980 5532
fax: 359 2 980 5920
e-mail: e-mail: wad@yellow

24 Hour/Day Hotline for Women Victims of Violence Bulgaria : 3592 981 7686


Cambodian Women's Crisis Center, Project Court Watch
Researches government and law enforcement activity surrounding trafficking
Provides emergency transportation funds and moral support to victims and their families through legal procedures.
contact: Ms. Chanthol Oung, Executive Director
address: #21 Street 282, P.O. Box 2421, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
tel: 855 23 720 723


Agisra Frankfurt
tel: 49 30 77755

ZAPO-Polish Social Council Berlin
contact: Joanna Lesniak, Manager
address: Oranienstr, 34, D-10997 Berlin, Germany
tel: 49 030 614 02409
fax: 49 030 614 024 10
e-mail: or
languages: Polish, German, Russian

Phoenix e. V., Hannover
contact: Danuta Osiecki
address: Postfach 47 62, 30047 Hannover, Germany
tel: 0511 14646
fax: 0511 1612679


Public Hospitol of Skin and Venereal Diseases, STD's Clinic
Contact information of NGOs in Greece
contact: Sofia Demertzidou
address: 51 Chalkidikis, 54643, Thessaloniki, Greece
tel: 30 31 859459
fax: 30 31 850762


NANE! Women Together Against Violence
Domestic Violence Intervention Project
Women's Rights Education Project
Sexual Assault Prevention Project
contact: Judit Nogradi, Coordinator
address: 660, H-1462 Budapest, Hungary
tel/fax: 361 267 4900
tel: 361 337 2865

Salamon Alapitvany
Offers non-prejudicial residential respite for sex workers and victims of abuse and trafficking.
contact: Kati Kovacs
address: Pf. 1152, Balastya 6764, Hungary
tel/fax: 36 62 278314


Israel Women's Network
Russian language hotline to be available for trafficking victims
address: PO Box 53186, Jerusalem 91531, Israel
tel: 972 2 6718885
fax: 972 2 6718887


Centro Antiviolenza di Trieste
contact: Tatjana Tomicic or Monica Ukmar
address: Pzza Duca Degli Abruzzi 3, Triste, Italy
tel: 39 040 367879
fax: 39 40 313497

Casa delle Donne per non Subire Violenza
Women's Center for Victims of Violence, translators provided
address: Via de' Poeti 4, 40124 Bologna, Italy
tel: 39 051 265700
fax: 39 051 261765
languages: English, Italian, German

Committee for the Civic Rights of Prostitutes, Tampep Projects
Social and health services. Information provided on sex worker and migrant rights.
address: 33170 Pordenone, Italia
tel/fax: 0039 0434 640563
mobile tel: 0348 2610228
languages: Italian, German, Spanish, English, Albanian…


Crisis Center for Women and Children
contact: Guldan Tlegenova, Director
tel: 3272 4406 09
fax: 3272 608 606
language: Russian, Kazak


"Genders" Youth Orgnization
Hotline, legal protection, social counseling
contact: Tatyana Kurova, President
tel/fax: 371 722 3950


Human Rights Association
Support Center for Families of Missing Persons
address: Jaksto Str. 9-207, Vilnius, Lithuania
tel: 370 2 615 619
fax: 370 2 615 619


La Strada
Hotline for Victims of Trafficking
tel: 48 22 628 9999
language: Polish, Russian on Wednesdays


Equal Opportunities for Women Foundation (SEF)
Social assistance for sex workers, legal and health counseling for sex workers
contact: Dina Loghin, President
address: Str.Zmeu, NR. 3, Iasi, 6600, Romania
tel/fax: 403 221 1713
language: Romanian

Romanian Association Against AIDS
Support for HIV positive persons, legal rights awareness, information campaigns.
moral support, counseling and activities, education and information for families with infected children. Provides Information and AIDS Hotline: 401 2524141
languages: Romanian, English, French. At the Following regional offices:

contact: Alina Bocai
address: BD. Garii Obor, NR. 23, Ap. 8, Bucharest, 72314, Sector 2, Romania
tel/fax: 401 2524142
address: Str. Zmeu, NR 3, 6600, Iasi, Romania
tel/fax: 40 32210024
AIDS hotline: 40 32210024

address: Str. Jupiter, NR. 6, 8700, Constanta, Romania
tel/fax: 40 4166 5350
AIDS hotline: 4041 619666

ANA Society for Feminist Analyses
Contact information of useful NGOs
contact: Mara Marin
tel/fax: 4041 252 4959


SYOSTRI Sexual Assault Recovery Centre (Moscow)
Psychological group & individual counseling, legal and medical aid, referrals, information and educational programmes.
contact: Irina Tchernenkaya
address: P.O. Box 38, Moscow 113035, Russia
tel/fax 7095 141 7226 hotline (9am - 9pm, weekdays)
languages: mainly Russian, English sometimes

St. Petersburg Center for Gender Studies
Information, educational & training programmes (feminist perspective)
contacts: Olga Lipovskaya, Irina Mernenko
address: 13 Stakhanovtsev street, rooms 415-417, St Petersburg 195196, Russia
tel:/fax: 7812 528-1830, tel. 7812 445-1248
languages: Russian, English

Association of Rusia's Crisis Centres (St Peterburg Office)
St Petersburg Crisis Centre for Women
Agency of social and legal aid for violence survivors "Alexandra"
contact: Elena Zabadykina
address: P.O. Box 604, St Petersburg 191002, Russia
tel/fax: 7-812-112-3948
hotline: 7-812-327-3000
languages: Russian, English


Foundation of Women's Forum
Providing a list of Women's centers and shelters in Sweden (
Shelter and counseling for battery and rape victims.
contact: Nina Strandberg
address: Kungsg 65, 111 22 Stocholm
tel: 46 8 200 800
fax: 46 8 200 830
e-mail: (or)
languages:English and Swedish


Women's Initiative
contact: Ludmila Nazarova
tel: 7 3772 213 214
fax: 7 3772 510 102


The Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women
The International Coordination Office
P.O.Box 1281 Bangrak Post Office,
Bangkok 10500 THAILAND.


Ashagabat City Club "Inam"
Free legal and psychological consultation
Trust telephone line and interview/meetings
contact: Ludmila Petukhova, Chief of Club "Inam"
address: Turkmenbashi St. 27, 744007 Ashgabat, Turkmenistan
tel: 3632 353516
fax: 3632 351531


La Strada
Counseling and comprehensive assistance to victims
tel/fax: 380 44 2240446
languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English

Global Survival Network
Working for Environmental Justice and Human Rights
Human Trafficking Project - providing referrals to service organisations
contact: Jyothi Kanics
address: P.O. Box 73214, Washington D.C. 20009, USA
tel: 1 202 387 0032
fax: 1 202 387 2590
languages: English, Russian, German, Spanish, French, Hungarian

Human Rights Watch/US
International Contact Information for Support Services Around the World
contact: Martina Vandenberg
address: 1522 K Street NW, Washington D.C. 20005-1202, USA
tel: 001 202 371 6592
fax: 001 202 371 0124
languages: English, Russian, Spanish


Victimology Society of Serbia
Database and Information Services
address: Kolarceva 4/III , 1100 Beograd, FR Yugoslavia
tel/fax: 381 11 621 797
e-mail: unikolic@EUNET.yu
languages: English

Women's Studies Center (Education)
contact: Sonja Drljevic, Coordinator
address: Kralja Petra 87, 1100 Beograd, FR Yugoslavia
tel: 381 11 628 002
fax: 381 11 624 295
e-mail: zenskestudie@sezampro.yu
languages: English, Russian

SOS Hotline for Battered Women and Children
Victim Support, Crisis Counseling
address: Tirsova 5A, 1100 Beograd, FR Yugoslavia
languages: English

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