Re: NEWS: Women's groups demand action on forced marriages

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Network of East-West Women (
Thu, 30 Jul 1998 18:47:33 +0000

One similarity between trafficking and forced marriage is the element of
domination. This element seems to be ultimately more harmful than the condition
of exploitation. After all, the institution of marriage, in its traditional
application where the women voluntarily provide sexual, reproductive and home
maintenance services in exchange for economic security, is also a form of
exploitation -or legalized prostitution; as is all forms of wage-labor. But at
least wage-laborers outside of the home and the bedroom have legal protection
that ensures them a humane working enviroment, appropriate compensation and
legal recourse in the event that their rights are violated. Everyone deserves
fair legal protection, whether s/he elects to be a wage laborer, a prostitute or
a wife.

Melissa Stone wrote:

> There is little difference between trafficking in women's bodies for
> prostitution and forced marriage, which is a legalized form of prostitution.
> Both are exploitation of women and loss of their control over their own
> bodies, their own destinies and reproductive choice. We are happy to see you
> have added this issue to your agenda. gbdiaspora

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