Re: NEWS: Women's groups demand action on forced marriages

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Carol Leigh (
Thu, 30 Jul 1998 11:33:16 -0800

If you would look carefully below at the statement submitted by gbdiaspora,
it does not say 'forced prostitution and forced marraige.' It says
'prostitution and forced marriage.' That difference is quite crucial and
has been central in recent UN discourse regarding prostitution.

Hanya writes:
>It is important to note that the author of the original note did not
>suggest that voluntarily choosing "sex work" is exploitation. The original
>point was that trafficking for the purposes of forced prostitution and
>forced marriages are involuntary and therefore exploitative.
>Hanya Krill
>On Thu, 30 Jul 1998, Sue Metzenrath wrote:
>> You wrote:
>> > There is little difference between trafficking in women's bodies for
>> > prostitution and forced marriage, which is a legalized form of
>> prostitution.
>> > Both are exploitation of women and loss of their control over their own
>> > bodies, their own destinies and reproductive choice. We are happy to see
>> you
>> > have added this issue to your agenda. gbdiaspora
>> As a sex worker (and I assume that you are not) sex work is not
>> exploitation of women (there are male sex workers of course!!) and it is
>[ ... ]
>> Sex workers don't want to be exploited and pushed to the margins of society
>> by dogooders like you, they want better working conditions in supportive
>> legal frameworks. This is what connects the global movement for sex worker
>> rights and in fact clearly names the needs of 1st and thrid world sex
>> workers as being the same.
>> Sue

Carol Leigh
Prostitutes' Education Network

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