Coalition Against Trafficking in Women, No.2

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Donna M. Hughes (
Mon, 15 Jun 1998 22:59:20 -0400

        Electronic Newsletter No. 2 June 15, 1998

The Coalition Against Trafficking in Women (CATW) is a feminist
non-governmental human rights organization dedicated to fighting all forms
of sexual exploitation of women and children, especially prostitution and
trafficking in women, sex tourism, bride trafficking, military
prostitution, and pornography.

Conference: Organizing Against Sexual Exploitation. CATW - Bangladesh is
hosting a regional conference against sexual exploitation on June 26-29,
1998 in Dhaka. Participants will focus on the problems of trafficking in
women and sexual exploitation in South Asia and the Asia Pacific. For
further information contact: Sigma Huda, 52, Tejkuni Para, Tejgaon,
Dhaka-1215, Bangladesh, Phone: 880-2-9125800, Fax: 880-2-9560210 or
E-mail: E-mail: ild@bdmail.netsee;

Legislation: On May 29, 1998 the Swedish parliament passed a new bill
regarding violence against women. The new legislation defines a new crime -
the purchase of sexual services (prostitution). Framing the purchase of
sexual services within a bill against violence against women sets an
historic precedent, and marks Sweden's attitude toward prostitution. For
further information see the Fact Sheet from the Swedish Government Office:

Policy: The Ministry of Labour of Venezuela announced that prostitution
will not be recognized as a form of work because it violates a woman's
rights and human dignity. This follows an energetic campaign by
pro-prostitution groups to redefine prostitution as a form of work. The
CATW- Latin America was instrumental in bringing about this new policy.
Texts are currently being translated and will be posted on the CATW web site.

Resolution: "Misuse of the Internet for the Purpose of Sexual
Exploitation", The United Nations Working Group on Contemporary Forms of
Slavery, Geneva, May 1998. Representatives of CATW made presentations at
the Working Group. An outcome of one of the presentations was a resolution
condemning the multiple forms of exploitation, including prostitution, sex
tours, bride trafficking, pornography, live sex shows, and rape videos for
sexual entertainment, that are present in unprecedented volume on the
Internet. For the full text of the resolution see:

Publication: "Sex: From intimacy to "sexual labor". CATW - Asia Pacific has
published a new paper on present efforts to redefine prostitution as a form
of work. Where does prostitution fit when considering the right of
self-determination, the right to work and the right to freedom of
expression? For the text see:

The CATW web site ( is an online
resource center for information on trafficking in women and sexual
exploitation. The site includes publications, reports, fact sheets,
statements, resolutions, newsletters, survivor testimony, and services
available for trafficked and prostituted women.

CATW Electronic Newsletter produced by Laura Joy Sporcic and Donna M.
Hughes, Education and Research Coordinator, Coalition Against Trafficking
in Women,

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