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Salamon Alapitvany (
Thu, 21 May 1998 15:49:12 -0700

Dear List,

I was recently sent a copy of this recent letter to the NY Times. It raises
an important point with regards to the nature of forced labour within sex

Is a coerced sex worker a prostitute ?

I think it is legitimate to argue that sexual servitude does not make a
person a prostitute but such a person is held in a form of slavery as a
slave, not as a prostitute.

The scarlet alliance has just issued an exellent briefing around this issue
and I have asked them to either to subscribe to the list or to allow me to
make the briefing available to the list.

Best regards to all

John Davies

Letter to the Editor NY Times, 5/19/98
>> To the Editor:
>> Your May 16 Arts & Ideas page article on the heightened interest in war
>> crimes committed by the Japanese military in China 60 years ago says
>> Asian women "were forced into prostitution by the Japanese military." In
>> fact, Chinese and Korean women were forced into sexual slavery. That is
>> huge difference.
>> Prostitution implies remuneration and moral agency; slavery does not. No
>> money changed hands. To call the egregiously named "comfort women"
>> prostitutes insults a group of people who have been humiliated enough.
>> Vancouver, Canada, May 16, 1998

Salamon Alapitvany and IldikoK Memorial Civil Rights Institute
Working for Peace and Equitable Justice for all Marginalised People
Seeking to include Sex Workers within Civil Society without descrimination
Believing in Change through Consensus not Repression.
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From: Jyothi Kanics---Global Survival Network <>
Subject: Comment: The Media & List Etiquette

Dear Friends and Colleagues,
 As list facilitator I would like to respond to John Davies recent post about
 the media and confidentiality on the list. First of all, I understand John's
 concerns and agree that ideally list members should check with the person
 who posts a message before they cross-post or forward it to others,
 especially if the information in the post is sensitive.
 However, the reality of the Internet makes this practice impossible to
 enforce and therefore, we decided that STOP TRAFFIC itself should be an
 open forum. I think we would all agree that one of the main purposes of such
 a listserv is to exchange ideas, debate viewpoints and educate one another.
 In order to accomplish this, we facilitate the list so that postings are
 civil and on-topic, but otherwise we do not control who is subscribed to the
 list or what they do with the materials they receive through the list.
 As John wrote in his last email, engagement with the media is a crucial
 issue, especially when dealing with complex issues such as migration
 policies, trafficking, advocacy for sex workers and other themes that we
 discuss. I was intrigued by his comments about empowering migrants with
 access to public access [ACCESS 2X] media and I was wondering if he or others
could share with the list positive, constructive examples of how to go about
 I think many on the list would benefit from a broad discussion of the role
 of media -- both what to be wary of and ways media campaigns can lend
 support to your agenda.
 Looking forward to your further comments. Best wishes,
 Global Survival Network

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