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Ann Jordan (
Tue, 19 May 1998 20:06:11 -0400

exactly. decriminalization is not enough, which is why sex work must be
recognized as work and given the protections to which other workers are
entitled. this would remove it from scrutiny on the grounds of morality
and general welfare, etc.


On Mon, 18 May 1998, Gbdiaspora wrote:

> While I would not presume to speak for any of the organizations to which
> I belong or their other leaders and members, it is my personal opinion
> that a woman owns her own body and can choose to do with it whatever her
> conscience allows and her own health concerns permit. I believe
> prostitution, like smoking marijuana, should be decriminalized, but
> that any form of forced sexual practice is a heinous crime. I hope you
> receive many similar viewpoints in your email research. GBDiaspora.


The legal aspect is only one dimension of the issue. The law can define
prostitution as work but there are also social and moral dimensions of
prostitution. Within the law, anybody is free to use his/her private
property, including his/her body, as long as it does not violate public
interest, safety, moral and general welfare of other individuals.
Decriminalizing prostitution is not enough.

Edsel L. Beja Jr.
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Hello all,

the letter of Ms. Doezema inspired me to write this message. I think that Polish La Strada prepared the mentioned material for Polish (or for other CEE countries) audience. The problem of trafficking-in is quite new in our countries. If one starts to speak on very strong feminist basis, he or she is not heard at all or cause quite an opposite reaction.

First of all, there is quite a big difference in public opinion towards prostitution in the CEE and Western countries. Officials are also affected by public opinion, and that is the basis for doing nothing with a problem of trafficking-in. The prevailing opinion is that prostitutes deserve punishment. The police usually use measures against prostitutes themselves and sometimes against local "pimps", not reaching those who organize this "international business". Secondly, I think that prostitutes from our countries are victimized much more than from Western countries. That does not depend on if they are working in their native countries or abroad. They are treated not like human beings. Thirdly, there are quite many cases of forced prostitution. In 1997, more than two hundred women were deported to Lithuania from Western countries for illegal work or false documents or visas. Out of them, 28 reported that they were forced to work as prostitutes. It is clear that those who were deported comprises the top of ic
eberg only. Another feature of deported women was that they were not from the big cities only, many of them were from countryside, who are much more naive and easy to cheat.

So, I think that Polish La Strada used adequate to our conditions tool for sensitizing officials and the whole community on trafficking-in problems. Another problem, that this sounds not adequate in different conditions.

Giedre Purvaneckiene,
Women's Issues Information Centre

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