Re[2]: Prostitution as Sex Work

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Tue, 19 May 98 20:28:22 CET

I assume that sex work is like many other jobs- not always what we expected.
It may be more difficult to leave this type of work but otherwise I feel
prostitution should legalized and regulated like other forms of employment
(subject to taxation, health, labour and police inspection- primarily to prevent
exploitation) Making it a regular profession will make the practitioners less
vulnerable to criminals and other illegal activities.

One opinion from Vienna

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Subject: Re: Prostitution as Sex Work
Author: stop-traffic@SOLAR.RTD.UTK.EDU at INTERNET
Date: 5/19/98 8:06 PM

On Mon, 18 May 1998, Gbdiaspora wrote:
> While I would not presume to speak for any of the organizations to which
> I belong or their other leaders and members, it is my personal opinion
> that a woman owns her own body and can choose to do with it whatever her
> conscience allows and her own health concerns permit. I believe
> prostitution, like smoking marijuana, should be decriminalized, but
> that any form of forced sexual practice is a heinous crime. I hope you
> receive many similar viewpoints in your email research. GBDiaspora.
The legal aspect is only one dimension of the issue. The law can define
prostitution as work but there are also social and moral dimensions of
prostitution. Within the law, anybody is free to use his/her private
property, including his/her body, as long as it does not violate public
interest, safety, moral and general welfare of other individuals.
Decriminalizing prostitution is not enough.
Edsel L. Beja Jr.

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