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marjan wijers (
Wed, 13 May 1998 14:12:59 +0200

We, the Dutch Foundation Against Trafficking in Women, agree with the view
expressed below. We have always made a clear distinction between
trafficking as an act of violence and deceit, and prostitution as work,
which should be recognized as such (including possibilities for legal
migration for sexwork, as for any other type of work).
Our strategy combines an anti-violence and pro-rights approach, advocating
decriminalization of prostitution as an essential condition to ensure the
civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights of sexworkers and to
combat violence and abuse in prostitution, allowing prostitutes the same
protection under civil and labour laws as other citizens and workers.
Kind greetings,
Marjan Wijers

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>From: Tanya <>
>Subject: News articles : Cosmopolitian and Marie Clare

>We believe that everyone needs to understand that prostitution is a
>phenomena that is incredibly varied and complex, and that we need all need
>to clearly identify our agendas, and then accept that there are aspects of
>prostitution that fit with our agenda and then other aspects of
>prostitution that do not.
>Certainly we believe that "trafficking" should be identified as a concern
>regarding coercion through deceit or force, leading to forced labour, and
>not be about the movement of consenting sex workers.
>We would be grateful to know if this is received opinion among the list or
>are there agencies who would consider any international movement of any sex
>worker to be trafficking.

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