Coalition Against Trafficking in Women, No.1

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Donna M. Hughes (
Mon, 20 Apr 1998 08:26:23 -0400

        Electronic Newsletter No. 1 April 20, 1998

The Coalition Against Trafficking in Women (CATW) is a feminist
non-governmental human rights organization dedicated to fighting all forms
of sexual exploitation of women and children, especially prostitution and
trafficking in women, sex tourism, bride trafficking, military
prostitution, and pornography. The Coalition is composed of regional
networks and affiliated individuals and groups. We work with national and
international policy-makers, women and human rights advocates, and the
United Nations to promote the fundamental human right of all women to be
free from sexual exploitation.

Coalition Against Trafficking in Women Web Site
The CATW web site is an online resource center for information on
trafficking in women and sexual exploitation. There is information about
the philosophy, work, and women of the Coalition. There are publications,
reports, fact sheets, statements, resolutions, newsletters and WWW links on
prostitution and trafficking in women around the world. One section of the
CATW web site is dedicated to survivor testimony; another has information
on services available for trafficked and prostituted women. There is
information on upcoming conferences and on campaigns against sexual

Conferences: Organizing Against Sexual Exploitation - Regionally and Globally
CATW - Bangladesh is asking people to globally join hands against sexual
exploitation in their two conferences in Dhaka in 1998. On June 26-29, 1998
they are hosting a regional conference. Participants will focus on the
problems of trafficking in women and sexual exploitation in South Asia and
the Asia Pacific. On November 26-29, 1998, CATW-Bangladesh will host a
world conference. For more information, see the announcement on the CATW
web site at Or
contact: Sigma Huda, 52, Tejkuni Para, Tejgaon, Dhaka-1215, Bangladesh,
Phone: 880-2-9125800, Fax: 880-2-9560210 or E-mail:

CATW at the 42nd Session, United Nation's Commission on the Status of Women
(March 2-13, 1998)
Excerpts from the Statement by CATW: "Whether called trafficking,
prostitution, sexual entertainment, or sex work, the commodification of the
female body for sex has grown from a local practice to an international
business that reaps billions for global entrepreneurs. The contemporary
crisis of sexual exploitation has profound implications for the four topics
of this meeting - the girl child, women and armed conflict, violence
against women, and human rights…. We must shift the moral and criminal
responsibility for sexual exploitation from the women and girls who are its
victims to the male customers who ensure that the industry thrives." For
the full text of the CATW Statement at CSW go to
During the CSW meetings CATW, the International Council of Women and the
National Council of Women sponsored panel presentations entitled
"Prostitution: A Human Rights Crisis." and "Sexual Exploitation as Violence
Against Women: Exploring the Connections." For a list of speakers and
topics see the CATW web page

Campaign: Oppose the New Status of Forces Agreement Between the United
States and the Philippines. This agreement, already signed, but not
ratified, will allow the U.S. military to use most of the important ports
of the Philippines for ship visits and military exercises. It will give the
US Navy access to 22 cities and towns of the Philippines for "R&R" a
euphemism for prostitution and sex businesses, with accompanying child
sexual abuse and Amerasian children for which U.S. men won't assume
responsibility. It leads to an increased spread of STDs and HIV/AIDS. In
addition this agreement puts the Philippines ecology at risk of oil spills,
toxic, low-level radioactive leaks into the sea, and pollution or
destruction of flora, fauna,and ground water by beach landings and military
exercises. For more information on what you can do to oppose the enactment
of this agreement see the CATW web page

CATW Electronic Newsletter produced by Jenny Wray and Donna M. Hughes,
Education and Research Coordinator, Coalition Against Trafficking in Women,

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