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PROFILE OF: "Animus" Association


Who we are?

"Animus"Association /AA/ is a nongovernmental organisation of women with
helping professions such as psychologists, psychiatrists,
psychoterapeutists, medical doctors, social workers etc.
The name of the Association comes from K. G. Jung's terminology. Animus is
the masculine side of woman's personality. Animus is the source of the
problems in the personal world of the woman and also the creative power to
solve them. It is the weakness and the strength of the woman's soul.

What we do?

The aims of the organisation are:
To work for women's intellectual, professional and personal development.
To work for the improvement of women's status in society.
To stimulate changes in Bulgarian society and family.
To develop projects and programmes for supporting women and children.
To mediate between different governmental institutions and
nongovernmental organisations and to co-ordinate their efforts on the
problems of violence against women.

"Animus" Association has the following activities:
Sensitising individuals, groups and organisations on the problem of
violence against women.
Creating national and international relations between different
organisations for exchanging experience in a variety of aspects in the work
with violence and its victims.
Disseminating psychological knowledge.
Training seminars on different problems concerning violence against women.
Direct work with women, victims of violence.
Our priorities

Priorities of the organisation are:
Psychological and social help and support for women victims of violence.
Developing and co-ordinating a network of institutions, services and
organisations for providing support and protection to the victims of violence.
Development of the organisation.

Our principles

The main principles of the members of "Animus" Association are:
Respect for human rights.
Protecting the human right of the woman to physical and mental health.
Protecting the human right of the woman not to be an object of torture or
any form of violence.
The core principles of Good Practices in Mental Health- Participation,
Respect and Dignity, Information, Choice, Individuality, Access.

Our organisation
AA is headed by a Chair and a Deputy Chair. The programmes and projects
are run and implemented by a six-member staff and volunteers. AA has a
board of trustees which functions on a voluntary basis. Its members meet
twice in the year to discuss issues on the policy and strategic development
of the organisation.


1. "Violence and its Victims" January 1996 - January 1997 (granted by
PHARE- Democracy Program 1995)- dissemination of psychological knowledge
about the mechanisms via which violence occurs; training volunteers to work
with victims; publishing a brochure about the issues of the psychological
consequences of violence, practising non-victimizing behavior

2. "A New Possibility" January 1996 - January 1997 (granted by the Civil
Society Development Foundation PHARE - Democracy Programme1995) - for
institutional development of AA; setting up the organisation's
infrastructure; establishing a network among governmental and
non-governmental organisations on a national and international level;
establishing a Board of Trustees

3. "Service for Support of Raped Women" February 1996 - February 1997
(awarded by MAMACASH) - establishment of service for raped women;
development of programmes for crisis intervention and counselling for
post traumatic stress disorder; referral to clinical, social and legal

4. Second stage of "Violence and its Victims" February 1997- February 1998
( PHARE and TACIS Democracy Programme1996) - establishing work contacts and
collaboration with governmental and social organisations providing support
for the victims of violence (medical and legal, police, etc.); training
volunteers; extention of the the specialised group working on the problem
of violence; reprint of the brochure and its translation into English.

5. " Good Practices in Mental Health for Women in Bulgaria" February 1997 -
March 1998 (Democracy Network Program, ISC, USA) - Forming a group of
experts for introducing the principles of Good Practice and identifying the
criteria of Good Practice for women in the social services in Bulgaria.
Preparing a directory of the services meeting these criteria.

6. "Different Gender" March 1997 - May 1997 (granted by the Civil Society
Development Foundation) - 12 reading seminars; presenting and discussing
gender issues; establishing a community having as core beliefs the
equality of the genders; introducing the gender-differentiated approach in
the psychological work on the problems of women.

7. "Bulgarian Project against Trafficking in Women" March 1997 - March 1998
(granted by NOVIB, the Netherlands) - a preliminary step to a program for
support to women victims of trafficking; gathering information about the
problem of trafficking in women in/out Bulgaria; establishing a network
among governmental and non-governmental organisations on a national and
international level; training of the staff members of AA to deal with the
specific problems concerning trafficking in women.

8. "A Programme For Women Victims of Domestic Violence" Stage I; April -
July 1997 (granted by the STAPLES TRUST, UK) - starting the development
of a program for support to women victims of domestic violence in Bulgaria.

9. "A Programme For Women Victims of Domestic Violence" Stage II; August
97-August 98 (granted by the Democracy Commission Grants) -
It includes : 1. Twenty-four-hour Helpline for Women in Crisis
                    2. Counseling Program for Women Victims of Domestic
                    3. Social Club Program for Women Victims of Domestic

10. "Training of Trainers for Help-line Operation" May 1997 - October 1997
(granted by the Charity Know How) - partnership project with Women's Aid
Foundation for training about the managing, documenting, publicising and
evaluation of the Help-line.

11. AA is at present entering a partnership contractual agreement with the
local authorities for setting up a Center for Rehabilitation for Women
Victims of Violence.

12. " Support to Girls Survivals of Trafficking and Forced Prostitution",
15 December 1997- 30 January 1998 (granted by the Bulgarian Youth
Committee)- a short-term project for support and humanitarian aid to girls
survivals of trafficking.


1. AA's priority consists in direct work and support to women victims of
all forms of violence
Animus Association implements the following care programmes:
. Care programme for women victims of Domestic Violence
. Care programme for women victims of Sexual Violence
. Social Programme and Social Club
. Care programme for Women Survivals of Trafficking and Forced Prostitution
. Help-line for Women Victims of Violence
(More information on the above can be requested from AA)

2. Activities concerning Trafficking in Women
In March 97- March 98 AA implemented the first "Bulgarian Project Against
Traffcking in Women". This project was a preliminary preparatory step to a
broad programme for help and support of women, victims of trafficking. For
the planning and implementation of such a programme "Animus" Association
needed some basic things such as:
1/ More information about the problem of trafficking in women in/out Bulgaria.
2/ Partners from the relevant institutions and organisations in Bulgaria.
Network among them.
3/ Partners from foreign organisations, working with women, survivors of
trafficking. Becoming a part of the international network.
4/ Training of the staff members of the Association to deal with the
specific problems, concerning the trafficking in women.
(Additional information on the project results can be requested from AA)

Since June 1997 AA has been working directly with women survivals of
trafficking. AA has been addressed by 12 women survivals to this moment.

What lies ahead concerning Trafficking in Women:

1. A three-year La Strada III programme for prevention of trafficking in
women, starting from June 1998. The programme includes the following main
activity fields:
- Prevention and Education Campaign
- Press and Lobby Campaign
- Victim Support

2. Development of AA's activities in the direct work with women survivals
of trafficking into a comprehensive programme including:
Counselling Programme for psychological support and coping with PTSD
Social Programme for rehabilitation
Work-in-the-community Programme
Urgent Humanitarian Aid Programme
24-hour Helpline for support
Crisis Intervention Programme
Additional information on each of the programmes' activities can be
requested at AA.

"Animus" Association , 1408 Sofia, PO Box 97, Bulgaria;
e-mail: <>; <>
tel./fax: (+359 2) 981 6740

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