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Salamon Alapitvany (
Wed, 8 Apr 1998 19:36:25 -0700

Dear List-members,

Please be advised that we do not endorse the proposed Hungarian law, or
propose it as a model for anyone else.

We believe that the Hungarian "Trafficking" proposals have serious
limitations and do not offer adequate protection for women from coercion or
deceit. They also could jepodise the right of women to travel, as anyone
selling someone who "looks" like a prostitute an international travel
ticket could be guilty of a crime.

We are very concerned to ensure that trafficking laws do not create a
requirement that women have to prove they are not sex workers before being
allowed to receive visas or travel freely. We are also concerned to ensure
that consenting sex workers are not subject to prejudicial treatment in
regards to their rights to travel.

Also Hungary already has laws that punish procurement including extra
punishment for procurement by deceit or force and as such most trafficking
abuses could be effectively addressed by existing legislation.However in
1996 there was not a single successful prosecution for any form of
procurement in Hungary.

Laws that don't work don't help anyone.

Best regards to all

Kati Kovacs.

Salamon Alapitvany and IldikoK Memorial Civil Rights Institute
Working for Peace and Equitable Justice for all Marginalised People
Seeking to include Sex Workers within Civil Society without descrimination
Believing in Change through Consensus not Repression.

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