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The Salamon and Ildiko K Civil Rights Memorial Foundation
 (Formerly the Salamon Alapitvany)

Mission Statement

The Salamon and Ildiko K Memorial Civil Rights Foundation is committed to
the regeneration of community in Southern Hungary. It seeks to do this
through the provision of non-prejudicial and non-discriminatory
opportunities to those who have been marginalised by the violence of
exploitation, prejudice and intolerance.

The Salamon and Ildiko K Memorial Foundation rejects institutional
solutions to the problems of the marginalised and seeks at all times to
offer consensual and community solutions as the most appropriate social
tools for empowering and then offering inclusion for everyone in our
communities, especially those perceived by majorities as the most fallible
and different.

The Ilidko K Foundation has particular regard for the special needs of
women and girl-children, who participate in prostitution.

The Vision of the Salamon and Ildiko K Civil Rights Memorial Foundation.

It is the hope of the Salamon and Ildiko K Memorial Foundation that it
might promote the development of an increasing just and equitable society,
with a rich and varied civic life in Southern Hungary. It therefore hopes
to help to substantially increase the social capital of Southern Hungary
through programmes that create increasing opportunities for the
marginalised to re-engage the wider community with greater dignity and
genuine equality.

It hopes that its programmes and activities would become models for
increasing civic engagement, and the promotion of generalised reciprocity,
as a way of replacing alienation and "incivisme".

The Foundation would like to become a cultural template for the creation of
opportunities for the marginalised and their general empowerment.

In seeking to regenerate community the Foundation will also actively seek
to work to ensure individual liberties and opportunities without regard to
any prejudicial consideration.

The Foundation rejects institutionalism and the control exercised by
service and systems, in favour of community structures that accept the
fallible and exceptional. The Foundation will consider consent as its
primary social tool in offering change and recommunilisation for any
individual seeking communative re-engagement.

The Foundation will work to prevent the degradation of individuals into the
dehumanised consumers of professional services or the isolated clients of
detached advocates, but seek to include all, in the development of
consenting strategies that will allow experience and expertise to be made
available in a non-discriminating manner to those who want such

The Foundation will seek to give a reasonable account of itself and its
policies to anyone who is willing to engage with it in a reasonable
examination of the social polity that exists in Southern Hungary. To
encourage interest and useful dialogue the Foundation will endeavour to
operate in the most transparent manner and to offer varied and diverse
mediums by which its work might be presented and considered by the widest
possible audience.

Contact Details:
Salamon and Ildiko K Civil Rights Memorial Foundation
Po.Box 1152, Balastya 6764, Hungary. Tel/Fax +36 62 278314, E-mail

Salamon Alapitvany and IldikoK Memorial Civil Rights Institute
Working for Peace and Equitable Justice for all Marginalised People
Seeking to include Sex Workers within Civil Society without descrimination
Believing in Change through Consensus not Repression.

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