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Greetings from Kathmandu, Nepal!

The purpose of this e-mail is to introduce a new book entitled
"Tara: A Fleshtrade Odyssey" (ISBN 81-259-0279-1).

Each year thousands of young girls throughout Southeast Asia find
themselves forced to work in the sex industry. Many innocent
teenage girls are abducted or lured from their homes or villages
and forced into the profession. Once in the hands of traffickers,
the girls are then bought and sold like animals to brothel owners
who then subject them to severe mental and physical torment. While
there are as many reasons for this problem as there are girls who
are forced into the industry, the main causes often result from
poverty and a general disregard for the human dignity of the female
child. In Nepal alone, up to 7,000 girls between the ages of 7 and
24 are sold each year.

"Tara: A Fleshtrade Odyssey" deals with this important human rights
issue. The book focuses on a family whose daughter becomes a
victim of the sex trade and their efforts to bring her home. While
the characters presented are fictional, an attempt was made to
represent a typical urban family living in the slums of Calcutta.
The information for this book was based on extensive research
collected both in Nepal and in India on the problem.

My reason for writing this book was simple. For years, I have been
working on issues related to child prostitution and girl
trafficking. Throughout this period, many organizations have
funded numerous studies to identify the scope of the problem using
qualitative and quantitative research methodologies.
Unfortunately, these studies tended to be too academic and didn't
really capture the true essence of what was involved when a person
was forced into prostitution. Second, most people don't read these
kind of monographs. Thus, I decided to try to describe what
happens through the use of fiction as a medium. The idea was to
develop an understanding by the reader of the problem and possibly
some empathy.

Please note that the target audience for the book are Asians (India
and Nepal). With this in mind, the book is written in a very
simple style. However, those who are not familiar with this issue
will also benefit from the story.

For your information the book sells for US$ 10 (350 IC in India and
500 Rs in Nepal). Please note that ALL of the proceeds for the
book will go to charity to be used to fight girl trafficking. If
you know of anyone who might be interested in such a book, please
forward this message to them.

If you would like to order a copy, please contact me via e-mail at
<mfriedman@usaid.gov>. My mailing address is "Matthew Friedman,
USAID/Kathmandu, Rabi Bhawan, P.O. Box 5653, Kathmandu, Nepal; and
my fax number is 977-1-272-357. Thanks for taking the time to read
this e-mail.


                                              Matthew Friedman
                                              Technical Advisor

                          TITLE INFORMATION SHEET

Author : Matthew S. Friedman
Publisher : Vikas Publishing House Pvt Ltd (New Delhi)
Publication Date : 1997
Pages : 168 pp
Size : Demy
Price Rs. 350 (IC)
                             $10.00 (US)
ISBN : 81-259-0279-1

About the Book: : Set in Calcutta, Tara, a young, naive
                             twelve year old is kidnapped off the
                             street by a girl trafficker and taken
                             away to a notorious brothel located
                             within the city. After being sold like
                             an animal to the owner of the place, Tara
                             suddenly finds herself thrown into an
                             infamous world of sex, lies, deception
                             and deceit, which few of us would ever
                             imagine existed in our wildest dreams.
                             In a desperate attempt to locate her,
                             Tara's father and brother search for
                             their long lost family member, using only
                             a few simple clues to act as their guide.
                             As the two of them gradually come closer
                             to their ultimate goal of finding and
                             rescuing her, they too, are forced to
                             confront the demon which lurches behind
                             the curtain of India's commercial sex
                             industry. For the reader, this heart-
                             wrenching tale of love, life, corruption
                             and evil provides a small glimpse into a
                             world seldom seen by outsiders -- a world
                             that is all to often much closer to home
                             than we might want to admit.

About the Author : Matthew Friedman, author of "The Gorkha
                             Urn", was born and raised in Newington,
                             Connecticut (USA). As a professional in
                             the field of international health, he has
                             worked and traveled to over thirty
                             countries around the world. For the past
                             six years, he has been living and working
                             in Kathmandu, Nepal as a Health Technical
                             Advisor for USAID. In his effort to
                             fight against girl trafficking in Asia,
                             he has been actively involved in several
                             projects related to this important
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From: Jyothi Kanics <jkanics@igc.apc.org>
Subject: EVENT:A Jewish Community Forum on Trafficking

Women Bought and Sold:
A Jewish Community Forum on Trafficking

        Sunday March 29th, 7 p.m.
        Auditorium, Hebrew College
        43 Hawes Street,
        Brookline MA

Opening Remarks
Sheila R. Decter
Executive Director, New England Region of the American Jewish Congress

Exposing the International Traffic in Women for Forced Prostitution
Gillian Caldwell
Co-Director, Global Survival Network
Presentation will include excerpts from "Bought and Sold", an investigative
documentary produced by Ms. Caldwell, on the international trade in women.

Trafficking of Women from the Newly Independent States to Israel
Martina Vandenberg
European Research Associate, Women's Rights Division of Human Rights Watch
Presetation will include excerpts from the recent ABC Primetime Live that
focused on the situation of trafficked women in Israel.

How Should the Jewish Community Respond ?
Sherry R. Hahn
Jewish Community Relations Council

Jointly sponsored by: American Jewish Congress, the Jewish Community
Relations Council of Greater Boston, New Israel Fund, the Anti-Defamation
League, American Jewish Committee, Hebrew College, Temple Emunah of
Lexington, and Jews United to Stop Trafficking.

The forum is open to the public free-of-charge.

For more information, call the American Jewish Congress (617/457-8888),
the Jewish Community Relations Council (617/457-8644) or the New Israel Fund

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