Welcome to Our Towns. I was first inspired to create this project for Friends and Partners after my trip to Russia last summer. The beauty and history of cities like Moscow and Petersburg were overwhelming to a person who has spent his whole life in cities about one hundred and fifty years old.

Upon my return, and after completing my extensive site documenting my trip, My Russian Adventure, I thought it would be an interesting idea, and an interesting project to work on, to invite people living in various cities of the former USSR and its satellites to send photos and stories about life in their cities. I figured the work of creating the pages for them would be fun and educational. And so Our Towns was born.

Tim Vale, a Brit now living in Budapest, was the first to offer his perspectives on his adopted city, and below you'll find his material. The invitation is open to anyone who would like to contribute. Since english is probably not going to be your native language I'll be more than happy to help you with the text, checking spelling and grammar. I'd also love to add parallel pages in your native language as well.

So, that's what the project is all about. Check out the stuff we have so far, and if like you'd like to tell us about where you live then send me a message and let's get your town on Our Towns.

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