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Comments list started on February 21, 1997

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Skip Evans Fri Feb 21 14:25:32 EST 1997

test of guestbook

Vlado Fri Feb 21 18:54:55 EST 1997

Great Page!

NGG Thu Feb 27 11:19:59 EST 1997

Mnogo dobre, TK.

NGG Thu Feb 27 11:23:02 EST 1997

Why you don't provide an HTML chat, like ichat on your page? Whouldn't it be cool to talk to each other?

WuntLuvBad WuntLuvBad@AOL Sun Mar 16 13:38:16 EST 1997

Thanks,,,,,, just started AOL, love Russia, I have an INTENSE interest in the PEOPLE of Russia. I'm an honorable person and want to "pen pal" with them... I appreciate your "no politics" policy as I am the same way...... people are people and we should love and respect each other. Do you know a way I can start up a couple of friends IN RUSSIA on e-mail.... I pledge "no sexual crap love" like is so overwhelming on chat rooms etc....

I've only spent approx 5 mins on your stuff so far and it all looks good.. keep it up, do more.... anything on Kiev.....

Remember I'm only a beginner.



Janice Stanison no Fri Apr 18 11:56:46 EDT 1997

Nice page, like the pics.

Mitali Fri Apr 18 17:51:25 EDT 1997

Hey Skip, Yoo hoo! It's me! I thought I would check out your Altanta Life page. Looks great. Great picutres too!

Take care. Mitali.

JeAnne Wed May 14 12:38:18 EDT 1997

Skip, Thanks for providing a glimmer of hope that there is more to do in Atlanta than shop...looking forward to seeing you and the rest of the gang at the Garage.

Yana Thu May 22 08:49:23 EDT 1997

Hi Skip! It's a good page, I really like it!!! Welcom to Moskow!

Niki Mon Jun 2 11:43:03 EDT 1997

The page about Atlanta Zoo is very amusing. I especially liked the Oranges section and what to know when dating an Orangutan Girl.

Janis S. Mon Jun 16 15:55:41 EDT 1997

It's a good page, I love Jou! Welcom to Riga!

Natalya t3c6w8nb@coastalnet,com Thu Jul 3 14:39:46 EDT 1997

Really like this page!!! I am russian,but live in usa.. Bye-bye..

Andrey Bekman Fri Aug 22 13:45:44 EDT 1997

Hi, Atlanta !

Welcom to Karelia

Carla Jean Henderson Thu Aug 28 11:37:57 EDT 1997

Skip, enjoyed your page! I was lucky enough to visit Russia twice, 3 months in 1995 and 7 months in 1996. Like you, ready to go back. I have found a place on the net that offers tours (home-stay, hotel or apt.) Checking into it. E-mail me for their URL or just to chat about out favorite place. Carla.

Knicoli-Knicola feminist@cyberstache Mon Sep 1 00:02:39 EDT 1997

Have you heard the one about the white man who had too much time on his hands?

Christopher Bogdan Fri Sep 5 11:00:11 EDT 1997

Nice pictures of Red Square. Judging by the scaffolding up around the towers, you and I were probably there at the same time.

Marc Bertschy No address !! I'm from Bern, Switzerland Fri Sep 12 02:03:23 EDT 1997

Great page !!!!!!

But I don't know Atlanta !!!

Isn't it badly ???

Yelena Kachuro Sat Sep 13 12:52:23 EDT 1997

Hey Skip, I thoroughly enjoyed your pages on the trip to NYC and Russia. It was extremely interesting to read your impressions about the country that was once my home and also about the city that became my new home. (and yes, Manhattan is awesome, and the Village simply rocks). I'll be looking forward to reading the rest of your impressions. I find them very insightful. Thank you for such a wonderful site! Best wishes, Yelena.

p.s. oh, feel free to stop by my pages at

Vladimir Nikitin Sun Sep 14 18:07:13 EDT 1997

Skip,great! It was very interesting to see my native city - St-Petersburg, especially in South Carolina, near your Atlanta, were I stay now. It's a pity a Little There are so few picture from SPB. But all the same it's very nice to see it. If you want I can show you some picture of old St-Petersburg. Vladimir. Clemson. SC. USA 14 sept. 1997

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Julian Reynolds Fri Oct 17 15:03:50 EDT 1997

Nice site, really liked the pictures and your stories are well written and thoughful.


Tim Richards King1blues Sat Oct 18 08:32:43 EDT 1997

Nice pictures and text. Keep up the good work. As a former WERA offical it's nice to see our efforts are not wasted.

Tim Richards Sat Oct 18 08:33:54 EDT 1997

Nice pictures and text. Keep up the good work. As a former WERA offical it's nice to see our efforts are not wasted.

Tim Richards Sat Oct 18 08:35:46 EDT 1997

Nice pictures and text. As a former WERA offical it's nice to see our efforts are not wasted.

Thanks again

Tim Richards Sat Oct 18 08:36:21 EDT 1997

Nice pictures and text. As a former WERA offical it's nice to see our efforts are not wasted.

Thanks again

Tim Richards Sat Oct 18 08:37:30 EDT 1997

Nice pictures and text. As a former WERA offical it's nice to see our efforts are not wasted.

Thanks again

Tim Richards Sat Oct 18 08:37:45 EDT 1997

Nice pictures and text. As a former WERA offical it's nice to see our efforts are not wasted.

Thanks again

Symbat Shagylbayeva Tue Oct 21 00:37:16 EDT 1997

Skip, very nice pictures! I am graduated from the Petrozavodsk State University and arrived to St.-Petersburg very often. Now I living in Almaty (the capital of Republic of kazakstan) and missing St-Petersburg a lot. Thank your very much. So long!


Symbat Shagylbayeva Tue Oct 21 00:37:39 EDT 1997

Skip, very nice pictures! I am graduated from the Petrozavodsk State University and arrived to St.-Petersburg very often. Now I living in Almaty (the capital of Republic of kazakstan) and missing St-Petersburg a lot. Thank your very much. So long!


Symbat Shagylbayeva Tue Oct 21 00:50:34 EDT 1997

Skip, hello! Thank your for nice pictures of my native town. Now i living in Almaty (Kazakstan) and missing St-Petersburg a lot.

Warmest regards, Symbat

Hugo S Wed Oct 22 14:14:10 EDT 1997

Skip, one of the things I'll do sometime, in future, is to visite Moscow and if possibel, some other places in Russia. I'm Portugues and I have a very special interest in Russia culture. You have a very nice page.


Greg White Fri Oct 24 23:14:47 EDT 1997

I am researching web pages for a segment I will be doing for the TV show BikeWeek on Speedvision network. This segment will air November 25th 1997 at 8.0pm. I hope you will watch it.

Anyway, in my research I can across your site and thought it was great. Road Atlanta is my home track and I love to race it. I am expert number 87 in WERA, 113 in AMA and 187 in CCS. Good luck with this page.

Keep up the good work.


Gene Berkoff eberkoff Tue Oct 28 00:09:52 EST 1997

Delighted to have found your descriptions of your visits to Russia. This will be of great help to us when my wife and I visit Russia next year.

Symbat Tue Oct 28 02:47:13 EST 1997

Very nice pics! Atlanta is a beautiful city! Welcom to Almaty, See ya, Symbat

George B Wed Nov 5 07:59:07 EST 1997

Hi there,

I lived for four years as a Pentecostal missionary in St.P.

Your site brought back a lot of good memories. Good to see a foreigner who does not slag off Russia. St.P is one of the best cities around, my second "home".

I thought your comments on crime and safety were a bit underplayed though. Perhaps you were not there long enough but the crime rate is pretty rampant. In my four years I saw around 14 dead people. AND the mafia blew up my appartment block. So DO NOT TAKE IT TOO LIGHTLY.

Still Russia is brilliant, even if it is dirty, grey, oppresive, smelly and sometimes downright rude.

My next missionary journey takes me to Vancouver BC. If anybody from BC is reading this then drop me a line please.


KATHY MITCHELL Thu Nov 6 16:03:02 EST 1997



Carrie Whipple WhippleC@AURORACWU.EDU Wed Nov 12 22:00:41 EST 1997


Carrie Whipple WhippleC@AURORACWU.EDU Wed Nov 12 22:01:17 EST 1997


Katherine Lawson Thu Nov 13 12:49:24 EST 1997

I bookmarked your page so I can come back and read it all when I have more time. I am also going to put a link to your site on mine. ( I think we have a lot in common, my first trip out of the country was also to Moscow, and I got the same comments as you! The first person I bought from Moscow to this country, I brought to Atlanta! And I am from Maine! small world. I'll be back to see more.

?????????? Wed Nov 19 17:25:32 EST 1997

wera # 312 NV kool track

Linda Ellis Tue Dec 2 13:50:21 EST 1997

Nice pictures. I plan on visiting Moscow next summer to visit with friends and business partners. Perhaps I'll be able to bring back some pictures for you Russian Adventures section.

Ryan Whitaker Tue Jan 20 17:28:14 EST 1998

I used to live in Atlanta a few years ago, kind of miss the place.

Alexandra Mon Feb 2 03:48:17 EST 1998

Thank you, Skip, for your wonderfully written pages about Moscow and S.Pb. I am a Muscovite and as now I live and work in Japan I really miss my home town. Your account of the trip to Russia reminded me once again how unbelievably quickly things are changing there. Just one example: in the beginning of September they finally finished the exterior decorations of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. I wish you could see it now! I think, it alone can provide you with the reason to visit Moscow once again. You also made me think about the history of my country from sort of outsider's point of view. Thanks again.

Besiki Sisauri Mon Feb 16 13:31:34 EST 1998

Dear Skip, I visited your Web Page. It is a very nice work. Need help, just ask me. Sincerely - Besiki

Andre Shakhnovich Thu Feb 19 18:14:56 EST 1998

I must say, I was impressed. I was surprised to see that there's "another kind" of Americans outthere. Most, that I deal with everyday, are very egocentric, and care more about their '69 Mustangs than they do about their babushkas. Half never even heard of St.Petersburg, which by the way is where I'm originally from, and another half thinks its in Florida. It was really interesting to read through your pages ( by the way what happened to page4?) especially at work where there isn't much to do in the first place. I've been in US for about 10 yrs now and I'm planning to go visit Russia this summer for the first time. I'm sure I will probably be shocked as much as you were since today's Russia is not the same Russia I left. So, in the way, I'll be in your shoes ( no, not the ones you left in Brooklyn) but anyway thanks for a couple of hours of entertainment, hope you go visit Paris sometime...

sukharev Mon Mar 2 00:52:20 EST 1998

Nice photographs! I've been in St. Petersburg many time. In case no one has told you, that photograph-the one you asked about is the hermitage, also known as the winter palace. Thanks for a great site.

Tami Mon Mar 9 09:26:44 EST 1998

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Blackened Wed Mar 11 23:24:42 EST 1998

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Valerij SOLOGUBENKO Fri Mar 20 03:34:44 EST 1998

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Munich, Germany.

Natalie Mades Fri Mar 20 21:23:58 EST 1998

Skip...What's been going on?!?!?!?! Anyways...your page looks great, and sorry I've been outta touch with you. Whenever you get the chance, go check out my web page, I've been putting up my drawings and other artwork up with Tom's help:

Joshua Davis Tue Mar 24 11:00:28 EST 1998

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Marina Podzorova Thu Mar 26 17:01:22 EST 1998

Hi, Skip!!! Very interesting page! I left Russia 3 years ago.When I was on your page I feel myself in Russia. You're right!! I will never drive a car in Moscow, good gess I am female.From allmy friends in Moscow and S -Peterburg only two girls have license. I live in New Zealand now but I miss Russia very much.Best Regards.Marina

Michael Dempsey Sun Apr 19 21:54:24 EDT 1998

loved your site....ive been to Russia and Ukraine...(as well as all of eastern/western europe)....i found the cities to be safe as well..most of the crime is local on local and usually has business implications....i walked around Moscow untill 4am often with not a single mishap...partially luck im sure...but wouldnt want to do that in Detroit or New York....Kiev was a very Romantic and interesting was L'vov.....

Eve Thu Apr 23 21:54:09 EDT 1998

Enjoyed your web page. Got alot of useful information for my trip to Russia in two weeks. I too am looking forward to it. Any suggestions or additional hints you might want to add. I heard they like to trade for American items that are very expensive in their country, is this true?

Carol Freeman Sat Apr 25 02:58:11 EDT 1998

Greetings from downunder (Sydney, Australia) and congrats on your excellent Atlanta Life web page. I particularly enjoyed your 'Bike Ride to Stone Mountain' - which should have a sister mountain -- prime candidate would have to be Uluru (Ayers Rock is the English name, Uluru is the Aborgines' name), a giant monolith located in the blood-red-earth heart of Australia 280 miles southwest of Alice Springs, Northern Territory. The monolith is a sacred site to several Aboriginal tribes in the area and contains their carvings and paintings. It's a conglomerate which changes colour according to the attitude of the sun and rises 1,143 feet above the surrounding desert plain. It is oval in shape - 1.5 miles long by 1 mile wide. The lower slopes have become fluted by erosion while the top is scored with gullies and basins that produce giant cataracts after infrequent rainstrorms. It's spectacular to climb with truly awsome views!

Ira Vinitsky Thu Apr 30 05:35:56 EDT 1998

Hi Skip! It's me Samsara. Your page is just COOOOOL! Enjoyed every minute of reading. And tallently written I must say. I liked everything - descriprition of nature, which reminded me my past, your thoughts about politics both in Russia and States and about economy and religion too. I just was wondering while reading the end of the story - who's wearing your sneakers? Hope to see your again in the chatting room.

Michael Mulheisen Sat May 16 13:15:46 EDT 1998


Any information that you (or someone else) could provide about the theature sceen of atlanta would br great. I am mostly interested in theatures that show musicals and opera but a theature that includes some plays on their play list would be fine

Any phone numbers, theatuer names and/or web sites that you could suggest would be extremely helpful.



Richard Watson Tue May 19 17:49:20 EDT 1998

I just got a lot of nostalgic feelings from skip's little piece on Sankt Peterburg. I lived there for three months in the summer of '92,and would like to do another sojourn,too bad this summer won't work. I would be interested in contacts with russophiles my stay in St.Petersburg or Piter (I can't access the Cyrillic fonts on this library computer)as the natives call it,and have seen examples of writing Russian in Latin letters to overcome the technical difficulties of the various Cyrillic programs.Ja osobenno hochu soobshchit' c zhiteljami rossii,i Piter chtoby sdelat' priglashenia na visu.vsem,kto hochet,mozhno pisat' mnie.

Stephene Niebuhr Thu May 21 11:53:31 EDT 1998

I love the pictures.

Tieus Albert Fri May 22 15:32:58 EDT 1998

Mmmmmm that Bacon Fest sounds fun. I wish that I was there. If me and my friends from LCBOS were there, you would have to buy 20 additional pounds of bacon, though.

Keep up the good work and come visit the LCBOS web network sometime. There is a link to your page in there somewhere. A good starting point would be

See ya there!

Clinton Sun May 24 02:31:39 EDT 1998

Thanks for the tour. The comparisons are interesting . Regards, South Africa

Andrea Bonner Fri Jun 5 17:35:53 EDT 1998

Hey great page!!!!

Roger Kladke Tue Jun 9 15:52:46 EDT 1998

Skip, Just dropped in to say Hi!

Troy Buono Thu Jun 11 09:30:24 EDT 1998

Welcome to NY. Good luck!

Taneema Fannings Tue Jun 16 16:04:14 EDT 1998

I plan on moving to Atlanta by September, and I will be visiting Atlanta on July the 6-12, 1998 If you have any usful information that I might use please send it to me. Your web site is very nice. keep up the good work

Jenny von Knorring Wed Jun 17 02:54:11 EDT 1998

Hi! I miss Atlanta now in the summertime. I wish I was there. Piedmont park and all nice places, anyway Sweden is not that bad either!

Joan Briggs Thu Jun 18 16:59:48 EDT 1998

I'm half way through and am enjoying it but I must say I take exception to the part "The older people, say thirty five and older ..." Other than that, it's great. Come play pool next time you're down.

Christopher Jason Camisa Mon Jun 22 04:46:39 EDT 1998

Your trip sounded like a blast and reading your web-pages made me feel like I was really there. I'm leaving for Russia on 6/22/98 and I'll be there until 8/1/98. I hope that my travels prove to be as interesting as yours. Good Luck in future travels, Chris Camisa

Dorrie Steinberg Sat Jul 4 02:02:35 EDT 1998

Thank you for your trip down memory lane. I really enjoyed seeing the photographs from Saint Peterburg. My husband and I took a few days in Saint Peterburg before we started our journey to adopt our two final children from Russia. At that time we did not know that we would be going home with our Daughter Alyona's (whom we adopted 2 years prior) brother and sister.

Courtney Thu Jul 9 02:30:24 EDT 1998

I found your page when visiting the Moscow Life page. I too am very interested in Russia. I lived in Atlanta about 12 years ago, and it is a really beautiful and cultured city. Thanks for making such a nice page to visit and reminis over.

Cathrin no Sun Jul 12 15:31:23 EDT 1998

Hi there, thanks for the nice pictures. I am sorry for my bad English. I will go to the USA for 10 months. I will visit Atlanta at the beginning. Bye, bye. Yours, Cathrin

Yvonne Sun Jul 26 20:54:37 EDT 1998

Hi - Just returned from 3 weeks in wonderful Georgia!

Thanks for the pix of Atlanta - brings back happy memories.

I SHALL return!

Ben Adams Mon Sep 14 13:36:43 EDT 1998

Enjoyed the pictures of Russia.

Mikhail Iossel Mon Jan 11 16:00:19 EST 1999

Terrific site. Very appealing visually. Congratulations. Perhaps you would like to add the following page to your links:

Summer Litreary Seminars in St. Petersburg. June 20-July 4, '99. Some of the finest and best-known contemporary American and Russian authors participate.

Best, SLS

Net Tue Jan 26 14:15:56 EST 1999

Thank you for taking me down memory lane. I was in St. Pete several years ago on a church chior trip. We have a sister church there. St. Pete was a stop on our way home from a 14 day tour in the Ukraine. What great memories!

shawn Fri Jan 29 14:49:06 EST 1999

hey... amazing, you're like second on the list when you search infoseek for guestbook!

alan mason Sat Jan 30 15:40:40 EST 1999

come see my site at . Have fun!!

Sirena Thu Feb 4 05:27:15 EST 1999

I am thinking of moving to Atlanta one day, this site is very helpful.

GP Thu Feb 4 10:52:19 EST 1999


bidi Sun Feb 21 07:12:04 EST 1999

The Checkered Demon II
Enjoy it...cheers bidi from the oxo-crew!

Michael Sun Oct 8 12:07:12 EDT 2000

I've try to locate a "survival list" or "a list of stuff that one cannot find in Russia", but have only come accross your site. Thank you for sharing so much information with us. So far I have in my list of things not found in Russia: Peanut butter, rubbing alcohol, Niquil, Advil, and vicks. Any other item that you or anyone wants to add is appreciated. I'm looking forward in moving to Russia for one year in June 2001 with my wife & kids.

Michael Philadelphia, PA

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skip test Tue Oct 17 15:10:56 EDT 2000

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Dmitry Choukline Sun Nov 12 15:43:29 EST 2000

Shoulda shot some pictures of the tanks around the park and the weapons on the inside of the museaum. Nice site though

Jessika Aguilar Wed Nov 29 22:17:42 EST 2000

I really liked your site, and was simply fascinated with your account of your experiences in Russia as one who had never been there before. My first trip to Russia was two summers ago and I am returning in January 2001 to take my bachelors deree in Russian language and literature at St. Petersburg State University. I couldn't agree with you more, a lifetime would never be enough in St. Petersburg. I appreciate you taking the time to tell your experiences. It gives those of us who have decided to dedicate our lives to the study of Russia a chance to see it once again with the same amazement, the same wonder, as we did the first time. Spasibo!

Adam Thu Dec 14 00:54:57 EST 2000

skip, really liked your site, me and a friend will be in russia for six weeks this summer, would love to learn more about what it is like to live there. email me if you can, or anyone else who has some insignt. thanks alot

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