1. Main Page
    Front page of the server, starting point.
  2. Introduction
    Introductory remarks on the purpose and organization of this server.
  3. What's New?
    History of changes.
  4. Cyrillic Express!
  5. Easy 1-2-3-4 Steps
    1. Fonts
      Installation of KOI8 and Apple Standard Cyrillic Fonts.
    2. Script
      Installation of Russian Language Script.
    3. Keyboard Layouts
    4. Configuring Client Applications
      1. MacTCP, TCP/IP Applications
      2. Dial-up Applications
  6. Additional Information Pages
  7. Table of Contents
    You're here!
  8. Related Resources
    Links to outside resources on localization.
  9. Contact Information
    How to get in touch with the author.
  10. Your help is needed!

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