Now you can have the same easy-to-use phonetic keyboard layout you came to trust on your Mac when using Windows.

"Russification of the Macintosh" is a guide designed to provide you with everything necessary to read and write Cyrillic text on your MacOSTM computer. This site also contains in-depth discussion of a multitude of topics related to software localization, pointers to related sites on the Internet and much more. Enjoy!


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Easy Steps 1-2-3-4
Fonts, Script, Keyboard Layouts, Client Configuration
Follow the four Easy Steps to obtain all the necessary information and instructions on downloading and installing required System resources and configuring appropriate client applications.

Cyrillic Express!
Web, E-Mail, Wordprocessing
Planning to work with Netscape Navigator, Eudora or a wordprocessor? Try Cyrillic Express! - accomplish your goals quicker with this new streamlined approach.

Keyboard Layout for Windows

Download Shareware Student Keyboard Layouts Here!
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