Russification of NCSA Telnet

The following was submitted by Alex Eulenberg:

I have figured out how to provide a way to use APCCourier and Pryamoy with NCSA telnet -- without requiring the use of ResEdit.

The solution is to make available a font suitcase to which has been added the appropriate TaBL resource. This can be put into the font folder in System 7.1 or higher. Then there will appear a "koi-8" choice in the translation menu the next time you start NCSA Telnet. You can remove the resource from the system and from Telnet simply by removing the suitcase from the fonts folder. As for system 7.0, this may work if you put the suitcase into the system folder. I haven't tried it on system 7.0 or 7.0.1. Of course with system 7.0, you would have to use ResEdit to REMOVE the resource from the system.

The following was submitted by Andreas Prilop:

I found that you can just put a font suitcase with 'taBL' resources into the Fonts folder. You don't need to mix fonts with translation resources. But it works only with NCSA Telnet 2.6 -- not with 2.7 beta.

You can download the font suitcases with transliteration tables in them here: telnet-tables.sit.hqx - curtesy of Andreas Prilop.

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