What's New in the Third Edition?

January 9, 2002Fonts: updated with information for Mac OS X and new instructions for System 9
Script: New information for users of Mac OS X
Keyboard: existing keyboard layouts adapted for Mac OS X, detailed instructions on installation provided
January 7, 2000Note about Cyrillic support in MacOS 9
Updated links to other Script resources
Added instructions for Microsoft Outlook Express in Configurations page
August 9, 1999Updated links to Apple Software Update sites
Added instructions for russifying Fetch 3.0.3
August 28, 1998Added cRussify Mac to the Script page
July 24, 1998Updated script.html with 2 more choices of Scripts
May 26, 1998Updated commercial.html, encode.html
Link to "Code Master" on wordproc.html
April 23, 1998Main page redesign
March 29, 1998Updated links to Apple's FTP servers to reflect the change from BinHex to MacBinary
March 17, 1998Moving!
February 11, 1998Work on the move in progress
February 3, 1998Go ahead for the move to "Friends & Partners"
November 1, 1997Simplified the lists of Apple's mirror sites into a new page.
October 11, 1997Added BetterTelnet and Internet Explorer 4.0p1 instructions
July 13, 1997Updated Eudora instructions
Added Claris Emailer instructions
May 28, 1007Added instructions for PR5 of Netscape Communicator
May 3, 1997Updated notices on NCSA Mosaic and AOL 3.0 lack of Russification support.
February 22, 1997Instructions for Russifying Netscape Communicator are now available.
Added Cyrillic Encoding Testing page.
February 17, 1997Added info on TrueType cross-platform conversion to Wordprocessing Solutions page.
Maintenance changes to Step 1 - Font Installation page.
January 16, 1997Awarded University of Maryland Russian Club Award of Excellence
December 13, 1996Frames are gone!
December 2, 1996Updated links to Apple FTP sites
November 25, 1996PUBLIC RELEASE
November 24, 1996Rewrite of Step 3 - Keyboard Layouts page
November 23, 1996First beta release
November 21, 1996Microsoft's Internet Explorer instructions added
October 1996Started work on the Third Edition

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